Sicilian adventures: Day 4 - Messina, Milazzo, Novara di Sicilia

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Back to my Sicilian adventures, the fourth day is something I'll never forget. We started the day with a long drive to Messina. Messina is a beautiful city, I particularly loved the fountain in the Central Square, I couldn't stop taking photos there haha. There was also a really cool souvenir shop nearby.

Next stop was at the lighthouse which is closest to Italian shore, you can literally see Italy right across the sea. Then Milazzo followed. It's a magical city, such a pleasure to walk on the seafront on a Sunday afternoon, the breeze was everything. We stopped at the Washington Bar, which seemed like a really pro pastry & bakery shop, it was so hard for us to choose from the variety of desserts, both traditional and international! I chose a Tartufo and I was so happy about it, such a divine flavour!

After Milazzo, came the real adventure. We went to Novara di Sicilia, a village up in the mountains, famous for the view- you could see both the sea and the Mount Etna from above. We thought we'd never arrive there, there was this crazy serpent road. Little did we know about what was about to follow. As we entered the village the roads were getting narrower and steep and the GPS failed for the first time on our vacation. We got to the point where a street was at an angle of over 45 degrees, my mom and aunt refused to go by car out of fear, that's how crazy everything was! I was just praying the engine won't die on us, and it nearly did at some point, talk about something I'll always remember! Naturally, when you climb something you also have to go down, and we were to scared to choose the same road we came from. We listened to the locals and took another way down, which was even crazier! The street was so narrow it could barely fit the car and the mirrors (now I get why everyone has the Fiat 500 there) and at the end of it- an even narrower serpent road! Can you imagine the amount of manoeuvres it took to make a double U turn when your car can barely fit? Especially when the car is a rental and there are buildings everywhere, left and right? I still wonder if that street really was meant to be for cars, but we just listened to the locals! We were absolutely terrified so we stopped when the road of horror was done. And what do you know, we ended up at the place with the best panoramic view of Novara di Sicilia! (all the photos on Google are taken there actually). It was truly an unexpected reward which made us recover from the shock . Looking back it's the panoramic views that come to my mind first about Novara di Sicilia, which is an amazing thing!

I wore a Primark dress that is very close to my heart because it's that one dress which looks good on you regardless of your weight fluctuation. I swear I sometimes believe this dress is magical, I've had some days after too much pasta and cannoli which were saved by this pretty dress! I have my aunt to be thankful for this, she got it for me from the UK and it truly made my summer!
IMG_1905 IMG_1850 IMG_1833 IMG_1963
The beautiful view of Novara di Sicilia

IMG_1838 IMG_1860 IMG_1843 IMG_1921 IMG_1937 IMG_1870 IMG_1909
IMG_1908 IMG_1855 IMG_1886 IMG_1904 IMG_1851 IMG_1864 IMG_1944 IMG_1911 IMG_1840 IMG_1896 IMG_1928 IMG_1854 IMG_1876 IMG_1847

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