Sicily Day 5: Villa Romana del Casale & Ragusa

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The hottest day we had in Sicily turned out to be the day we had to travel most, because Villa Romana del Casale and Ragusa are far away from Taormina. The heat was also the reason I don't have many outfit photos from that day, absolutely none would look ok in that much amount of sun! Still, I have plenty of food photos and the beautiful places we visited that day.

It took us about 2 hours and a half to get to Villa Romana Del Casale - which is a Roman villa built back in the 4th century- what's incredible about it is the fact that after a big earthquake most of it colapsed. Yet, hundred of years after that, archaeologists discovered some breathtaking Roman mosaics, in perfect condition - it is, to date, the richest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, which is why it was made an UNESCO World Heritage Site. I couldn't take any photos because they were very strict, but believe me, it's totally worth the visit ( just Google it). As beautiful as it was, we still struggled with the heat, so we stopped at the famous Trattoria La Ruota nearby for some refreshments. There, we had the best cannoli in Sicily (okay, it's a tie with Taormina's Da Cristina, but more on that in a future post!).

After this, we headed to Ragusa (once again a long ride). One very important thing you must know about Ragusa: there is the new town (on a hill) and the old one (the historical and charming part). We kept going down with our cars and then we came to a point we couldn't get any further with our cars (you can see the main photo of this post how much there was still to go down) and then we had to go down the stairs- hundreds and hundreds of them! Ragusa Ibla (the old town) is so charming and unique, it wasn't like any old town I've visited before and it was the best cardio workout I got in Sicily ( I imagine people living there are so fit!). It was about 4PM and we were looking for a place to have lunch, but as you know, Italians have their siesta at that time, so there was almost no restaurant open! We weren't just starving after the cardio workout, but also couldn't cope with the heat anymore. We were lucky enough to find Biancomangiare , which is like a bistro, so there we found ourselves eating- burgers and fries in Italy! If you told me I would go to Sicily and have a burger I would have told you- never in a million years! But you know what? They're on the 2nd place in my life list for burgers (the 1st places belongs to Vivo in Iasi, obviously!).  I guess you never know what's in store for you! Now, about our hike back to the cars after having such a rich's safe to say we burned all calories that burger had haha!

IMG_2062 IMG_2035
Cannolo - Trattoria La Ruota

IMG_2074 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2076 IMG_2088
As I saw this photo I remember the real stars in the plate were these fries! I can't imagine what's their secret, but we all eight decided they're the best.
IMG_2044 IMG_2082 IMG_2091
My favorite limone granita I had in Sicily- also at Biancomangiare

IMG_2064 IMG_2087

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