Summer '16

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♪ Drake- Summer 16♪

When Drake dropped "Summer 16" I suddenly had a good feeling about this summer! I couldn't be more right, this summer flew by and there's so many places I saw and so many things I've learned! Besides going to the UNTOLD festival and seeing Rihanna live, I'll never forget how much I've loved Sicily, especially Taormina. I'm currently packing for my last trip before university starts again, but I felt like sharing these photos my cousin Ioana took while we visited Taormina for the third time. I'm wearing the most comfy skirt from Primark which my aunt got me from the UK and my favorite sandals ever (bought from Sicily actually), which are from Bata.

I've also included in this post photos of the BEST cannoli made in Sicily, from Da Cristina (find them in Taormina). It's where I also discovered how a true gnocchi sorrentina should taste like and the pleasure of having almonds, chocolate and so many other things in your cannoli filling!

Summer of 2016, you've been my absolute favorite!

IMG_2340 IMG_2315

My Pandora charm collection grew thanks to the camera and the pile of books charm I found in Sicily!
IMG_2332 IMG_2301 IMG_2375

The best cannoli, I wish I could someday visit Sicily again and find them tasting the same!


Thanks to discovering these potato pasta, I now know how to make them on my own! With tons of mozzarella and love!

IMG_2283 IMG_2160 IMG_2316 IMG_2325 IMG_2219 IMG_2320 IMG_2336

How can they make the cannolo so perfect every single day?



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