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It feels a bit surreal writing this- do people still read fashion blogs anymore? I can't really handle the answer to that! I decided a week ago I'm going to start blogging again. It's mainly because I still love fashion so much, and people are getting tired of my way too long Instagram captions which tend to be odes to fashion items at times. I still want to have my little virtual fashion diary, because I love when I can read about what I believed in the past about one thing or another, or about the places I visited and what really moved me. 

So, here I am- I'm an Endocrinology resident doctor now, which is what I always dreamed about when I thought what medical field I would like the most to work in. I also envisioned that with my first salary I would buy a pair of high end shoes, but oh, how things have changed since I was 18 haha. For the past 12 months, all our finances have gone into renovating an old apartment on a budget, which has been challenging, not only because it takes so much work and patience, but also because we are both fashion lovers and we had to put an embargo on buying new clothes. 

Fortunately, we made an exception recently because my partner knew that what my soul really needed was this kimono from Smaranda Almasan's new collection "Bird of Paradise". To say I love the clothes of this brand is an understatement- I know at some point in my life I'll have all my closet filled with pieces from Smaranda Almasan and I'll tell you why. 

First of all, I think you can see for yourself how they look- the silhouettes are just what I usually tend to wear, and the prints and colors are amazing! But what you really have to feel for yourself is the fabric- it's high quality and it has become my favorite thing to wear (in the winter season, it was the same with a sweater from the same brand, with the softest fabric ever). 

I also admire the fact sustainability is a priority for the brand, therefore each piece is made on demand. It's exactly what I dreamed about when I had this blog and I was young and I could barely afford clothes from brands like Zara- I always felt guilty about buying fast fashion and I would always tell my mom the minute I'll be able to afford it, I would become a buyer more conscious to the environment. 

When I first saw this kimono, I remembered why fashion has always been such an important part of my life- it was love at first sight, especially for the embroidery this particular design had. On my Easter holiday, literally every single member of my family admired it and asked me where I got it from so I decided I have to show it to you as well, and my sister took some photos of me on that same day. 

How can something you wear bring you so much happiness? I guess it's the magic of a truly talented and passionate designer, you can literally feel how everything was carefully crafted, and that every single detail was taken into consideration.

Smaranda Almasan Bird of Paradise linen kimono, H&M jeans, Converse x Chiara Ferragni shoes

                        This is my beautiful bird, I'm obsessed with this embroidery work! 
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