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Long time no post, I'm about to turn 24 really soon and I have to admit I miss blogging. A lot of things have changed in my life- like the fact I have two nephews and one niece now. I love them all so much, I'm so happy I was able to arrange my schedule so that I could be present for my youngest nephew's christening this Sunday. Picking a dress for the occasion was stressful up until I visited Paris again and I went shopping at the Galeries Lafayette- Claudie Pierlot was literally the first store I entered there and this dress was waiting for me - 70% off, I call this one of the birthday gifts I got myself (the other one will be a donation to the charity which is closest to my heart). 

As I got to the cash register, I noticed the saleswoman had her name on necklace , it was golden and so beautiful, I kept admiring it. I've always been fascinated with customized jewelry, I think I've been taking mental notes like " Get name necklace " even way back when I was a teenager, yet this item somehow still isn't part of my jewelry collection. I remember searching for a website about nine years ago (wow, I feel old just writing this!) and there was no suitable option, whilst I can buy it now from GetNameNecklace. Things change, the fashion industry has grown in the online world at an incredible pace, I'm happy you can now find things you only dreamed of having after just one simple search.

As I was getting to leave for the party my mom told me "the back of the dress is extraordinary, but" *sighs* "you could really use a simple, yet unique necklace in the front". I knew she was right, because I had the exact thing in mind- a rose gold necklace, small, with "Mary" spelled on it. I think you'll agree with me, seeing this photo with the front of the dress:

The party may be over, but my determination to get a customized necklace is not. And if you've been thinking about this type of purchase for some time as well, you can choose to buy here! The only reason why I didn't order one right after I came from the party is the fact that I discovered on their site infinity necklaces and rings as well, and I'm fascinated with them (again, rose gold is my favorite shade!). Therefore, I'm thinking of maybe getting the name necklace and an infinity ring. For me, jewelry is the most personal item you own in your closet. Of course I love to build a story around every single purchase that I make, but it's different when it's a ring, a bracelet or a statement necklace. It's probably because I don't rotate jewellery as often as I change my outfits, so wearing them on a daily basis makes me feel more attached to them. If you're a fan on personalized jewellery like I am you can go here! What about you- do you feel like jewels are the pieces you hold dearest? I'd love to hear your opinion on this subject!

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