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Hello dear readers, wow, such a long absence! I know, but I've had the two most hectic weeks, with tons of sleepless nights and courses to study. However, there have been some good changes. Beware, there will be  a lot of writing in this post because I have missed you and my little blog a lot!

Someday between a test and two essays to write, I was instantly cheered up when the lovely team from 33knots sent me these two  simply perfect , handmade and authentic bracelets.

You may wonder what is it so special about this brand and the design of the bracelets. Well, I shall try to tell you some little secrets:

The brand, originally from Belize, has only handmade products. Not any kind of products, but prayer bracelets for Orthodox Christians. The prayer bracelet is similar to what a rosary means for Catholics and although it main purpose may seem obvious, there is another reason why people choose to wear it: it is a discreet sign which shows your belief, your respect for a certain religion(As I'm from Romania this is actually my religion) .

It may seem a paradox, but these bracelets are also widely popular among people who are not Orthodox because they emphasize the faith in change, good, in God. They are very resistant, so once you purchase one you are most likely to have it with you for a long time, protecting your identity. Everytime you wear one, you should  remember your values and what you stand for.

As for the brand itself, the quality is exquisite. I was charmed by the first glance, with the web design and all the information so clear. They also ship internationally and the colours and sizing are very accurate. I wear them on a daily basis ever since I got the package and you should have a look at all the Saints bracelets and classic best sellers at the official site.

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