Thursday, 3 May 2012

Walking on a dream

2012-05-01 15.58.51
♪Empire of the Sun- Walking On a Dream

I am going to reveal something. As you know, I am a highschool student and these weeks are crucial for me, with all my final exams, tests and projects to do. Still, I am proud to say I have developed a strategy, so I can still be happy and do what I like although I am super busy. Okay, I'll admit it, it meant taking hours from my sleep so far, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow!

Seriously, I have read more books and watched more movies than I usually do when I'm on holiday! I also make time to go out with my friends! These photos were taken on Tuesday (&me posting them so soon -that's a first- ha!) when I had a blast with some of my mates.

I wore something really comfortable and YES, that's once again the skirt on my life, sorry for featuring it here so many times, I'm just obsessed! I also added some accents which are 'in' for this season, like the mint & floral-paterned bangles and the nude wedges.

Zara Skirt, Zara wedges, Zara Top, Zara Bag, Accessorize Bangles, Fossil watch

2012-05-01 15.58.01 greenapple

An incredible 'Green Apple' 


A photo from my Instagram (@marymanaila)  with one of my best friends, D., who took these amazing shots!


  1. I love your wedges! I think they're perfect for the summer and really comfortable,don't they? I like your look in general,you look very cute :)


  2. Your outfit looks so cute and comfy. Perfect for a busy day!


  3. Lovely outfit! :) ♥

  4. Muy guapa, y suerte con lo examenes! un beso, Natacha.

  5. you look so cute as always!! ^_^ love your simple outfit sweetie!

  6. You look so cute in this, very nice :)

  7. Beautiful pictures.
    I love your look so nice and comfortable.

    Good Luck with your final exams, tests and projects.

    Please don't cut your sleeping period to much.
    You need a fresh and recharged brain to score good on the exams.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Lots of love,

  8. how the clothing and the accessories.

  9. you definitely a Zara girl, all right! :)

    love your nude pumps :)

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  10. you looks so beautiful.. i love combination between black and brown


  11. Cute look, I would love to try the green apple drink.....

  12. Very cute look! It makes me long for summer!

    xx Marije

  13. great photos! really like your look!!

  14. this is so simple but very beautiful! Love it!

  15. so simple but a lovely the shoes...and thx ou so much for your comment...sure, I want to follow... xx lynn


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