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CLASH OF PRINTS & BEST FRIENDS GOING WILD. Two weeks ago I went with my best friend S. to pick up my Cambridge CAE certificate and attend the Ab Fab Fair! It was a memorable day, full of laughther, shopping and delicious food (I can't resist Starbucks and McDonalds , sorry). I was really impressed with the Fair, it was the first time I attended and both me and S. found some really beautiful and unique things. The dress code really got me, I love clashing prints so I went for a florals&python mix.

If you are a faithful reader you must have noticed my obsession with pastels. Well, with this AMAZING cardigan with sparkles all over it I am starting : pastels-the fall edition haha. Seriously, its color is pink champagne and with all the glitter I couldn't help myself! Of course I will be wearing darker tones (hint: don't miss the next post) but my style is so feminine and classy that this seemed the right outfit for the occasion.

Ah, I can't believe the weekend has gone by so quickly, school is rough right now!
My advice for you  is :make time for your friends ,dress fabulously and have tons of fun! Have an amazing week, my dear readers x

Orsay cardigan, Zara top, Orsay bag, Benetton skirt, Massimo Dutti shoes, Mango bracelets, Fossil watch, Claire's necklace







With my fashionable partner in crime, S.
And some fabulous refreshments..

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13 comentarii

  1. You look fabulous! Love the colors!


  2. I love your bag :), very nice outfit

  3. Great outfit! The shoes are amazing!

  4. I love the bag and skirt! The necklace is also really pretty.

  5. Very cute!

  6. I love the skirt and these colors together! So super cute! :)

  7. This outfit is so sweeeeet! I love the color combination of the outfit! You look so cute too! :D

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  8. really cute look, hon! lovely!<3

  9. You look so lovely in this outfit. I'm loving the mint green with pink, great combination.


  10. It's a really cute outfit ! I love it ! Nice blog :)

    xx Inès


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