Fancy Friday: My room & new hobbies

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2013-01-10 12.49

♪ Lana del Rey- Every man gets his wish ♪

I've been very busy lately with school (only one week has passed and I already have 2 tests and 3 projects due) and I found myself using the little spare time I have on my new passions: cooking & interior design(blame Tumblr). I never thought I would say that, I barely was able to make brownies one year ago and the only decoration I had in my room was a messy moodboard haha.

I have always admired fashion bloggers who also shared their point of view on interior design, makeup, cooking, DIY and I wondered if what I'm doing around here is enough. All I can think right now is how I will  want my home to look in 10 years and my mom is a little overhelmed by all the changes that I constantly make in my little room. As for makeup and DIY I'm not quite there yet, I only use coloured eyeliners to be honest and sometimes lipstick. Also, if it's honesty hour already, I'm so bad at fixing things that I can't imagine how I would be able to do any jewelry or clothes by myself haha. Yet, as Mrs. Hepburn would say 'nothing is impossible' and I can pretty much count on that, judging on the fact that I've never expected to want so badly the profession I have finally chosen for my future or cook a decent meal!

As you can see in the first picture , the moodboard is gone and I changed it for a much classier version of what I aspire and I placed some of my beloved Vogue magazines to keep it company (& yes, I usually forget my Zara purse on the pile so I thought to keep it real haha). In the second picture you have my first attempt to do heart-shaped chocolate wafers. If you ever need the recipe let me know, it's simply the best chocolate cream(my dad invented the recipe actually, if only I had inherited more of his talent ).As for the third photo, you can remember that this poster served for a moodboard as well for a little while until I felt that wall was so empty and boring that I had to frame it!

Well, I guess that really looks like a page of teen's fashion diary, I always loved how you can cook and decorate in such a fashion related manner. More on the incredible movies I've seen lately next time! I love you all <3

chocolatewafers parisposter

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12 comentarii

  1. So beautiful details on your room!
    Kisses dear

  2. Oh gosh, it sounds like you have been really really busy! I hope you get some time to relax soon. Love these details, especially that Audrey quote!

  3. Sooo pretty :)

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  4. it must be so awesome to be chillin in this room!! It looks amazing! I especially like your "Vogue Corner"!!

  5. Love the decorations! I have a request can you please do question and answer vlog/blog article? It would be great! There are tons of things I would like to know about you ^_^

  6. so wonderful :)

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  7. I know exactly what you mean with school! I'm about to start my 2nd semester next week and my senior year only gets harder :(

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  8. Really pretty!

  9. lovely blog...kisses..

    amazing giveaway on my blog!!!

  10. you have so many vogue magazines :O i only have 3 or 4 vogues but i have company mags they are the best!

  11. wow i love it ! it's really cool !!!
    if someone here speaks spanish ando you would like to see a teen diary, here is my blog, it's brand new


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