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Long time, no see. Happy New Year!!! I warn you, this is going to be a long long post because I missed blogging so much! I spent my NYE out of town, with some amazing friends and I had such a blast, definetely the best party I attended in a very long time! Also, I took the liberty of shopping, quite a lot actually ( I don't currently have any savings, just to give you a hint haha) and I've seen so many movies and ate so many new & extraordinary things that I am just stunned at the moment! Back to the movies section, my favourite was 'Life of Pi' which is a must, such an artistic and profound movie about faith. You know how obssesed I am with 'Franny &Zooey' by J.D.Salinger which sends a similar message, this movie was just my cup of tea!

For NYE I chose to wear the same studded details you can see in this outfit post, proving that you can make this kind of statement jewelry work for both casual and formal attire. Of course, I went for a little black number from Zara, I've been looking for a LBD for literally ages and I am so happy to have found the perfect one!

Also, today is a very special day and I want to wish my lovely and thoughtful mother a warm "Happy Birthday!" . I couldn't wish for a more supportive and incredible mom, she has always been there for me, even at -10 Celsius degree to take these photos and so many others!

As for the outfit of the day, I'm a little in a black phase right now , hence the new black boots , pants and sweater. Don't even get me started on those boots, they were so out of my price range but after trying them on all the other boots in the whole mall seemed so dull and plain. They are also so comfy, and I figured they are a good investment and they won't go out of style. I am obsessed with the clutch and necklace from Zara (thank you, Santa! ) I would wear them everywhere if I could. The studs and the golden details are just fabulous, and you know me and my wide collection of nude shoes, I just needed a clutch to match them!

Zara statement necklace, Zara studded clutch, Vero Moda sweater, Zara pants, Musette boots, Zara pants, Fossil watch

studdedpursezara9 studdedpursezara10 studdedpursezara2 studdedpursezara5 studdedpursezara7 studdedpursezara3 studdedpursezara8 studdedpursezara11

And a photo of my NYE outfit:


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14 comentarii

  1. cat de dragut iti sta cu bucle <3

  2. love your necklace and purse. Happy birthday to your mom, it's my mom's birthday too! x

  3. I like both your collar and clutch!

  4. So jealy it's snowing where you are! Love the all black!

  5. love your accessories and shoes, they bring the outfit together!

  6. You're really growing taller. Happy New Year! =)

  7. Love your necklace

    Check my new post

  8. love your fashion and youre so gorgeous! :-)

    you might want to take a look at my blog, you might like it!

  9. There's too much black in your outfit, but I love the simplicity of it and how the necklace and clutch give that extra :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  10. The necklace and the bag give your look a soul rocker chic :)
    I'm your new follower. Would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo Nancy S.

  11. I love how you make the black on black work and your clutch adds the perfect pop to your outfit (:


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