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You know me and my obsession for girly stuff (it's always so sweet to see my photos reblogged on Tumblr with captions like 'sweet' and 'super girly!!'). I haven't always been like this, I told you before, it's just that I choose to surround myself with cute and sweet things just to bring some sparkle and sunshine in my life. Whenever I'm tired or super busy (like I was this weekend) I like to take a break and maybe spoil myself in some outrageous yet super fun way- so what if I have to girly illustrations in my room or a pink Marc Jacobs ipad case? The little things really count and yet I was lacking something- a super cool phone case!

Iconemesis just happened to contact me at a right time and I was so happy of the prospect of this collaboration. This UK-based brand has the most fancy and creative designs I have seen in a while! It took me a little too long to decide which one I would like, I mean they don't have only pastel-toned cases and I was thinking to choose something edgier until.. I found the Fifi Lapin cases! Sweet Heaven of girliness, I can tell you for sure, and I was so confussed which I would like to have. In the end I found this adorable case with bows all over it and I concluded that "less is more"!

I love it so much, and yet as I was writing this post I noticed that they have 20% OFF at everything , so I'm really considering still getting a Fifi Lapin case. Therefore, I made a collage and I would really apreciate your advice, it's just that they are all so cuteee:

Iconemesis =FABULOUS
icone5 icone11 icone7

Lovely, lovely , lovely- right??
Have an amazing week!

PS: Thoughts on the new banner , anyone? Should I change it back to the old one?

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25 comentarii

  1. I want an iPhone purely to get all the cute cases, is that bad?!
    I love Fifi Lapin! I'd go for the first and last cases x

  2. that looks lovely, nice pattern indeed. I like bows...

  3. Your blog is great I really like it! :)


  4. The Iphone case no. 4. Is just adorable and I think it suits you. Have a good day !

  5. Adorable case and gorgeous images! Thank you so much by visiting my blog:)
    You have an amazing stylish blog! love it:)
    I am your new follower:) Hope we will stay in touch by following each other..


  6. Love Elle - It's adorable
    <3 xx
    share the feeling

  7. Love this iPhone cases! I have to get one <3

  8. Hi Mary!!

    Love this post- I just found your blog and love it! I adore that iphone case and I also have a fashiolista profile- following you now new blogger friend!

    XOX Jenna

  9. It is such a sweet iPhone case indeed! If I were to choose, I would pick the work, work, Fashion Baby! because it suits you. Very stylish and so chic!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving sweet comment. I promise to post about Gucci Guilty as I love and currently using it.

  10. Very cute IPhone cases... Lovely!


  11. Lovely case :)

  12. i love that you like to trat yourself to cute little girly treats once a week. and that phone case is adorable

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  13. I love surrounding myself with girly adorable stuff too! They bring so much sparkle in my life :))) And this cases are so cute! Only if I had an Iphone :D

    I absolutely adore your blog! Following you now!


  14. just found your blog and it is awesome! i love the 4th fifi lapin case its just so me hehe and i am actually loving her blog! lovely phone case btw extra girlieee!!

  15. Ohhh I really love this, Mary! The illustration remind me of an etsy shop owner's/artist's designs. She makes these absolutely lovely dresses that I am lusting over but can not afford (maybe one day :) - that's her shop there if you want to check it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, I am following you along now :)


  16. love this pretty...
    kiss and happy day

    NEW POST !!!
    the simple life of rich people blog
    instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
    twitter @simpleliferichP

  17. I also love beng surrounded by cute things...makes your life much better. :) That phone case is simply adorable!

  18. I agree! The pieces are just so adorable!


    1. Please follow my blog!

  19. How fun! Definitely love that simple and delicate phone case!
    xo TJ

  20. Please follow my blog. :)

  21. To everyone who's reading this please go check out my blog i know your probs thinking that she's just trying to get more people to her blog but I am I work so hard on it and I feel like no ones reading it so thanks for reading this comment!! Xx.


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