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I can't believe how long I've been holding back from posting these photos! The only reason is that I was hoping not to post these at all because it was a rainy day of spring when I took this and I am STILL waiting for the warm ones but guess's going to snow this weekend! SNOW!  Just when I was just writing my manifesto/farewell to winter...

Oh well, there's another thing which I have been planning to blog about for a long time. It has been over debated , and yet I feel the need to write my thoughts on this as well: 

How come fashion bloggers only highlight the great parts and stories in their life and are more discreet and reserved when it comes to a personal crisis or deception?

First of all, lets remind ourselves that there are a lot of successful fashion bloggers who only write about the outfit they're wearing or simply state the labels. I'm just not that type. I tried to focus only on the fashion aspect for a while, but I feel like there are so many other things you should learn from this blog!
Now, about the main question: Many people say that we usually just want to build a perfect life, and therefore our disappointments are never a subject of discussion, but I would argue that there's more to the story. When you visit the sites you love and you happen to be in an amazing mood, wouldn't you be  a little sad and sympathetic to the issues exposed?  Or when you are sad and see a weeping post wouldn't that discourage you even more? Shouldn't you, as a reader, relax and enjoy the content of a blog in your free time?

Than, there comes another sensitive issue: friends and family usually read your blog and however sad and angry you might be, you shouldn't hurt them by writing an acid post. If you stilll feel like letting it all out, you should write about your concerns in an ambiguous style, maybe include a meaningful quote so that only the person in question can tell.

This is what I feel about blogging when you are angry or extremely dissapointed. It's your blog and you're allowed to express yourself however you feel like. Still, a little diplomacy wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe even a post about blogging when you're in a weird mood means that the writer herself is actually hurt and mad *wink wink*.

And now, finally a few words about my outfit: I bought this aviator jacket couple years ago, when it was a huge trend and although I love it, I don't wear it so much because its lenght is impractical.  As for the mint scarf, I know I should look for emerald green and neon yellow in the stores already and that mint is not the IT color anymore, but I love it and that's what really matters! This whole color trend concept means that for a few months you have more options to choose from in a certain shade. It doesn't imply you can't wear that color anymore once a new season settles in!

Motivi aviator jacket(faux fur!), Zara pants, H&M sweater, H&M blouse, Orsay scarf, Zara bag, Fossil watch, Musette boots
463 5555 440 2013-02-26 13.13 479 429 mint2

 Have an amazing week! Love, Mary x

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  1. Your outfit is amazing, dear! Congratulations, you're beautiful! :D

  2. thank you for your sweet comment, dear!
    you're looking absolutely adorable in this outfit :> suits so so well!!
    have a nice evening,

  3. Hi dear, I like how chicly you've layered this outfit, the mint scarf is a pretty piece and really great boots.Thanks for taking the time to drop by !

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment! :) Sometimes I'm too lazy to read what some bloggers have to say in their posts, but your text made a nice exception to the boring ones, and it also made me really think about my own habit of writing. And also, such a cute outfit! I liked especially the aviator jacket. :) Would you like to start following each other? Keep in touch!

    xoxo Eeva

  5. the green scarf looks beautiful on you :)

  6. Lovely outfit! I am obsessing over your scarf and the color, so beautiful.


  7. Great jacket Dear ! love the colour of Your scraft so much <3

  8. very nice......


  9. I just think one should be yourself and blog about things that feel right to this person and not to suit the audience, so people who come to read the blog regularly know what to expect. And the things is there will always be people with certain likes and dislikes, so while it's impossible to please everyone, there will always be readers who like the blog and blogger for what/who they are.
    Personally, I'd rather read stories than look at the photos all the time - the latter bores me.


  10. Very classy!
    Love the color of your scarf, looks amazing with the rest of your outfit!

  11. You're so right. Blogging shouldn't be all about fashion. You can add tidbits of your personal life but be discreet about it. Love your outfit.x

  12. such a lovely style!!! you look so pretty and fresh!

    Thnx for your nice comment by the way!

    kisses from Turkey

  13. Lovely coat !


  14. Girl you are beautiful :) And seems like you have a great sense of style, great outfit!

  15. Great winter look! I like the pop of mint!


  16. Beautiful, as always!

  17. What a cute outfit! You look so stunning! <3

    Big kisses!

  18. love what you wrote! keep blogging AND writing xx

  19. Lovely look<3

  20. Looking good! The jacket is great! I always try to share as much as I can with my readers, even when it comes to the 'bad' things in life :)

  21. Hi this is a lovely blog honey I think we should follow on GFC and Bloglovin? what do you think?
    let me know I'll follow back for sure
    New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

  22. thanks for your nice comment!love the touch of mint green in your outfit!

  23. Hey dear! Great blog! Would you like we to follow each other? Just let me know on my blog!

  24. You are so pretty!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  25. Verry nice look!Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

  26. Nice jacket! It looks warm!

  27. I really agree with what you wrote: in the beginning of my blog, when it was not known by anyone who knows me in real life, I wanted to write all about how I felt about certain aspects of my life. But of course it found its way into friends and family and then I had to watch my tong, which actually caused me to stop writing about my private life altogether. Nowadays I write very little about it, and when I do it is related to lifestyle.. I don't want to fall on the category of people who are only showing clothes, but at the same time I struggle to find a balance between what's private and what everyone can see. I think the text you wrote is really helpful though =)

    My Own Project

  28. like this easy to go look!


  29. Thank's a lot for your sweet comment on my blog, my dear! I was really happy about it :-) ... Love your jacket - but I hope, that I don't have to wear any coats or furry things anymore till next winter :-) ... I'm ready for spring and its fashion :-) ... Would appreciate to have you back again on my blog - Kisses from Vienna,


  30. That jakcet is absolutely awesome!!! Also love your bag!!

    Style Without Limits

  31. Hi! I think your blog is full of interesting tips!!
    Step by me if you have time, we might follow each other!

  32. Great look on you.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Wrapped in Black and White'.
    Have a great weekend.

  33. Cute look! Love the pop of mint colour



  34. Nice look, I love the jacket! There's a giveaway on my blog:)


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