Mini Guide: Wedding Attire

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Wedding Attire

Okay, I have to admit, this thing with posting mini guides for different occasions has really gotten me. I'm not sure whether I should make it a permanent column on the blog, but it definitely challenges my creativity! I was talking to a friend the other day about how the wedding season is so close and I don't really have any idea what I would wear to such an event. Then I realized it depends on the theme of the wedding, which makes it perfect for a mini guide!

Still, there are some essentials you need to have in your clutch in all the cases: compact mirrors are great for touch up and they somehow strike me as a type of jewellery. My favourite one was brought by my aunt from Turkey and whenever I have it with me, people admire it. It's so cool to own such an useful and cute accessory. For this collage I chose one from American Bridal, I just love its shape!
Beauty products : Don't bring all of your makeup, just make sure you look amazing the entire night! For the looks I went for Topshop products because they have such a pretty packaging and  I liked the visual impact, can you share your thoughts on their quality?
Also, for me perfume is another important thing. No, I don't bring my whole bottle, I just have tiny versions of various fragrances. You may notice the Miss Dior Cherie in all the sets, that's because it's my favourite and yet I can't afford to buy the big bottle.

And now, let's talk about different settings and what to wear when you attend a wedding:

The first set  (main picture ) showcases my ideal outfit for a regular wedding, at a nice restaurant & everything! That Valentino dress has stole my heart for months now, and lately I've also developed an obsession for rose/nude clutches!

2nd look: Cold place, fabulous time! The bride wants to marry in a cold and fabulous place? This doesn't mean to scare you, the best way to dress up is to choose a 'heavy' fabric which will keep you warm but will also allow you to show everyone your moves on the dance floor. This electric blue Preen dress is just divine, isn't it?
Wedding Attire
Preen Dress, Christian Louboutin Shoes, American Bridal compact mirror, Lanvin clutch, YSL lipstick, Topshop nail polish

3rd look: Fun in the sun! Oh, a wedding on a beach, what a dreamy setting... I would go for plain flats for the ceremony ( these are from Zara, I own the same pair) and for a longer dress, even maxi would look great. I know, I know, there are pastel and nude tones everywhere in my sets!
Wedding attire: Beach
Giambatistta Valli dress, Zara flats, Charlotte Olympia shoes, Marc Jacobs watch, American Bridal mirror, YSL clutch, Topshop nail polish

What would you wear to a wedding? And what essentials would be in your clutch?

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  1. Really loved the guide, was so helpful. I've never been to a wedding on the beach though but the outfit you put together looks very nice. x

  2. i like all sets. the dress of Valentino is fantastic :-)

  3. Such a cute post! :) I always try to jam way too many thing is my clutch but whatever :) I'd probable choose a nude dress with gold accents...

  4. This is so gorgeous! I absolutely love the floral dress.

  5. so nice ! but how do u edit the pics so that u can make a mini guide?

  6. I love your wedding guide! All of these looks are so, so pretty! You are so good at styling looks.


  7. Your wedding attire is great and I would like to get the same for myself also. I hope that it will be a pleasant experience to have it.

  8. Thanks for the cute outfits. Love the Dior <3


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