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May has turned out to be the busiest month so far! I cannot even properly express my frustration towards the fact that I don't have time to post on the blog, read the good books I've bought lately and watch my favourite shows! Yes, that's right, I have tons of ideas to improve the blog (started to keep an actual diary about them ) and photos taken for the blog (remember how I barely found any locations before? Not the case, this spring!). 

I figured that since you can't actually see me and my style these days, I should at least show you how different are the things I fancy right now (surprisingly, not pastels, I'm almost over that phase, people!):
Flamingo Earrings - Fun fact about me, I don't like to change my earrings but this funky pair by Swarovski attracts me in such an impressive way! The unique rhinestones and the vivid colors would be so cool for this summer. And what's the first thing I did when I saw this perfect pair? I looked for a Swarovski Coupon and imagined a fun way to wear them , of course. Now that I think more about it, I actually understand how Swarovski is such a successful brand: it even got me thinking about changing my beloved gold earrings!

Yellow Bag-  it's everywhere in my Polyvore sets, from various brands, in various shapes, maybe the 'beehive' trend got to me in a twisted way? Then there's the Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance , I have to buy it someday. Oh, and a Topshop nail polish, I just love all their colors and the shape of the bottle. And let's not forget the floral printed top, I would be able to match it with all my skirts.

So, while I'm keeping my eye on a fabulous Swarovski Sale I found online, how about you tell me what's your current wishlist/ plans for this spring?

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  1. I honestly think I still just want a leather a-line skirt, which is more Fall. But, I have been searching for a brown and black one forever! Have a lovely day and I love swarovski earrings as well! xx Pip

    *** Please stop by and join my Worldwide Oasap giveaway if you are interested!

  2. Replies
    1. The bag is from The Cambridge Satchel Company! Please check out my new fashion blog!

  3. Oh, I have the same problem about location! But I hope soon you can solve it - and me too! I loved the floral T-shirt, cause I love floral print! I loved the ballerinas too! The perfume I have, it's excellent! The yellow satchel is amazing! Guess what, it must look tacky, but I bought one just like that - yellow - but with flowers on it... :) Will post it soon! Shortly, how can I not love your style? It has so many things that I like! (By the way, I also keep an "improvement diary" :)

  4. I love your blog, but I can't seem to find the follow button?:)
    Also I have just started a fashion blog myself so please can you check it out? Thank you!

  5. I extend my empathy for being unable to read blogs, read the books you bought, and watch your favourite shows. There's nothing more frustrating than being held out on downtime. I do hope you grasp at some time for yourself soon. Or, at least, by the time you've read this comment.

    I love pastels, and I'm glad they're associated with the season of spring. I love colours myself, but have always been drawn to the summer collections of clothing stores, because their colour choices lean towards the vibrant and bold. My wallet tends to "suffer" the most during that time of year.

    Great blog, and nice mood board you got up there. I like the dress of the upper right.

    Once again, wishing you a pocket of time for rest very soon.

  6. I totally get your frustration too,with work commitments I dont the time to blog as much,which is a real shame,my goal this summer is to certainly find more time to blog :)
    I love your selecion here,I love swaroski,and those cute earrings are gorgeous!
    Look forward to seeing your blog ideas in the future and hope you have a fab weekend x

  7. That hat is adorable and I looooove those sunglasses!

    First for fashion xo


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