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2013-08-11 11.03

♪ Fergie - A little party never killed nobody ♪

" I can't believe that I'm 18 ! " it's what I've been saying to myself these past 13 hours (even dreamed about it!). I don't usually make a big deal out of my birthday, but this time it felt different, it's such an important age, and my friends and family made it clear with their countless surprises and gifts!

The first birthday present I got this dress, in advance, because I had this amazing wall in my room decorated especially for this occasion and wanted to take some awesome photos, but I had no special outfit! When my mom saw how dissappointed I was , she gave me this Zara dress that I was to receive at 00:00. I love this shade, fuchsia meets honeysuckle. 

Another incredible gifts followed, all received at 00:00 sharp. The biggest surprise was a white Iphone5 from my parents, followed by the fact that even if my aunt,uncle and cousins don't live in the same town as I do, I received their gift as well, the Miss Dior Cherie perfume!!! If you've been reading my blog for, let's say, one year, you must have noticed how in my Polyvore collages this fragrance was always there and how I would always state my obsession for it. 

I just want to be happy today, to have fun and spend some quality time with my friends and family! Thank you all for reading this, I can't believe I won't be a teenager for so long..

PS: Make sure to come back later to see a photo of my AMAZING cake. (clue: Miu Miu)

PPS: How do you like my festive wall? It took me one hour to do this, I had so much fun!

2013-08-11 11.06
bday2 BIRTHDAY 2013-08-11 11.11 bb BIRTHDAY3 2013-08-11 11.04 bb2 2013-08-11 10.54 bday BIRTHDAY6
And some of the incredible gifts

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  1. Happy birthday, lucky girl (should I say woman:)). The dress is lovely, I like the color too,and it looks good on you:). Have an awesome year as 18!

    Nataya, Chachamisu

  2. Ce cadouri frumoase! La multi ani! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the dress :)

    - Hannah @

  4. Happy Birthday! Kind of funny I stumbled on to your blog on your birthday! I love your dress as well. Anything and everything from Zara is fabulous but that might just be me. :)

  5. Happy Birthday dear! The deco for the wall gives me an idea for my upcoming birthday party as well. The fuschia color suits your skin color very well and you have such a cute vintage bag! x

    many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  6. happy birthday! you are a cute pretty girl. i love your dress.

    guess watches for women

  7. Mary, that dress your mum gave you is gorgeous (what a colour!) :)

    And wow, a new Iphone? Sounds like you had a great time opening all those fab presents ;)

    A Chic Lifestyle - Mentoring Female Students to Think and Achieve BIG.

  8. Wow! Love the look! Happy happy birthday dear! Wishing you all the best! :)

    Style Reader

  9. you look amazing! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. I wish you the happiest of birthdays! Your room looks amazing! Such a great idea for parties. And the dress is gorgeous as well! Followed you!

  11. Happy B-day :) great post :) and beautiful photo :) <3

  12. Hey! hope you had a wonderful birthday! I have an advice/inspiration blog... you know 'your not alone' situations :) Mainly for teens :)
    This one is more private so i can really express myself without getting stick in school and stuff! I'd appreciate it if I got a follow?
    thank you xxx

  13. Happy Birthday! Your dress is so pretty, I really like the color.

  14. Happy birthday ( a little late.. ^^)
    I love your Zara dress, & the wall is sooo lovely!


  15. happy birthday!! i love the room decoration and your pink dress is so pretty!

    cute & little

  16. Belated happy birthday! The dress is beautiful and those are amazing gifts =)

    My Own Project

  17. I absolutely love that dress!!
    It would also mean the world to me if you check out my new blog

  18. Happy birthday! You look fabulous.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  19. Happy birthday sweetie! :) 18 is big! :) That perfume is wonderful!!

  20. Happy Birthday! :)
    Congratulations on turning 18!

  21. Love the dress and the cake!! You look lovely! happy bday :)

  22. Happy Birthday, loving the bright dress

    would love it if you checked my blog out

  23. Welcome to the young adulthood stage. It's amazing that you received several incredible gifts from your family, relatives and friends. Do you have plans now that you are 18? :)

  24. You seem to have the perfect backgrounds on every post. I love your blog visit mine :


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