Memories from Thasos

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I'm saying my goodbye to summer- sweet, hot, full of memories summer! As in the last three years I went with my family around Europe, I forgot how it was like to spend my summer properly- at seaside- swimming, eating tons of delicious ice-cream, sunbathing. We chose the Thasos island, in Greece, as our destination. It's an island I definitely want to visit again one day, the weather, the water, the food are perfect!

This is the beach where I spent most of my mornings, it was so hard to make me leave it! It just had an awesome lounge where I could enjoy my "Tales of the Jazz Age" book, a smoothie bar with what seemed like an endless menu and let's not forget the main thing - THE SEA.  

You'll also see in the photos a part of the hotel's garden. And I'm sure you're going to notice my fashion faux pas as well. YES, those are perspex flats, with a gummy texture.  I never wanted to wear them, but I forgot to pack my flip-flops, That's so typically me, I don't forget to take my golden cuffs with me, but the essential beach footwear- sure, let's leave them at home! Anyways, this pair of shoes was the only alternative I could find- the flip-flops they had for sale everywhere were hideous! In the end, I think it's the kind of funny memory you want to have from an amazing vacation, so I have no regrets.

H&M beach dress, Stradivarius golden cuffs, H&M sunnies

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19 comentarii

  1. The stripe dress and the gold bracelets are fantastic x a summer look!

  2. Great look, love your hand cufs!

  3. The dress is really pretty. Striped items are the best! I need more of those. It looks like you enjoyed your summer :)


  4. ...what for nice pictures !The dress ist so,so pretty ;o)!Have a nice day, Petra

  5. Cute striped dress - perfect for summer weather!

  6. Great post!!!


  7. The look is gorgeous! Loving the accessories!

  8. Thank You so much :) Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Thank you so much! Yes, i know, sometimes it's hard to keep up the healthy lifestyle, but it's so worth it at the end. :)

    Have a nice weekend :)

  10. Your pictures are really great Mary, it had to be such a great holiday! :)

  11. LOVE those sea pictures, the dress is so fitting for this occasion! And thanks for your visit on my blog! :)


  12. thanks for stopping by my blog and nice pics

  13. Am fost si eu in Thassos vara aceasta :) f dragut !


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