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Bridemaids Dress

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I've blogged about weddings and the perfect dress to wear on your special day many times before. But what I've forgot to question is bridesmaid duty! It crossed my mind recently, since I'm finishing highschool and all of my best friends will attend university in different cities.Will we be able to keep in touch? Will we still feel the same connection, that strong that when the time comes we would ask each other to be a bridesmaid? Obviously, this issue has been illustrated with humour in a douzen of famous comedies, like Bridesmaids, Bachelorette or my favourite, 27 dresses (this made me particularly emotional).

I get all nervous only when I think about how me and my friends are going to look in 10 years, let alone the idea of one of us getting married. Still, there is still one bright aspect about it: the outfit. Most bridesmaids dread it, then there is also the issue of color: should the maid of honour pull a Pippa Middleton and wear white at the ceremony? What about the lenght? While searching online, I have found an amazing selection of  2014 bridesmaid dresses at MillyBridalShop. They have all sorts of designs, which come in all sorts of colours. My favourites are the one shown in the first set, which I would describe 'urban ballerina' style and the one with a single shoulder strap- so chic and elegant!

Now- how to accessorize a bridesmaids outfit?

Light Accents- You can see it in the first set: light tones, nude shoes, a pink nail polish perhaps. It will complement your look while keeping it low profile.
Bold Colors- Whether we're talking about statement shoes of colorful clutches, it's nice to wear a chic accent that will make your look light and fun! See my take on this alternative in the second set.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? Would you envision yourself as one? Do share your thoughts and experience! x


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