C'est la vie!

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♪ Lorde- Buzzcut Season ♪

I hope everyone enjoyed Easter and the brief holiday! For me, this year it was emotional because there are only a few months left of my last year of highschool, so half of it I had to prepare for the final exams, and the other half I spent with my family, eating the best sweets brought from London, going to bowling, reading the American Vogue "Kimye issue" (yes, I love them as a couple and how Kim's style is completely different from her old days) and the British Vogue issue, which features a great editorial styled by Kate Moss.

I am so happy my cousins came back in time from their Liverpool-London trip to celebrate Easter, because I can't imagine this amazing holiday without them. As always, they brought me incredible souvenirs, my favourite one being this "C'est la vie" Next jersey. I'm a huge fan of this sweatshirt trend, but I couldn't find one to sum up all my needs: a thick fabric, a cool print, a color which would flatter me. Well, my aunt did! And I was over the moon, especially because the A is the Tour Eiffel (and I'm sure you can remember how much I adore it). Something from London which also reminds me of Paris? The perfect combination!
NEXT jersey, Orsay leggings, Zara boots, Fossil watch
IMG_1521 IMG_1426 IMG_1455 IMG_1510 IMG_1479 IMG_1508 IMG_1499 IMG_1471 IMG_1452 IMG_1537 IMG_1500 IMG_1436 IMG_1492

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8 comentarii

  1. I love the sweater, good luck in your exams! xoxo

    Enara's Things

  2. i love your sweatshirt. i think the Kimye cover was really cool, idk why people criticized it. xx

  3. Sweet pictures and a great shirt! :)

    Auf Wolke

  4. very cute top! And good luck with exams, I hope everything goes well and you get into a good college! :)

    ~ Mckenzie <3

  5. Love this look- it's so sweet and cute yet simple!! <3 Following you now on gfc. Have a great week! xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  6. U look amazing!!!





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