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In these past few fashion seasons, I developed a sort of love-hate relationship with my favourite brand, Zara. The collections are exquisite, but they don't flatter my type of body, plus the prices have gone up, which makes it nearly impossible for a teenager on a budget like me to shop there. Therefore, every time I enter a Zara store I promise I won't buy anything, but somehow this winter I couldn't help myself from buying an overpriced pair of black boots (that I'm wearing here) and a pink&bordeaux statement necklace.

I can truly say that I wouldn't be able to imagine my closet without these two items. I still wear the boots on a daily basis (because spring is refusing to come) and the necklace is probably the most complimented piece of jewellery I have ever worn.  I bought the necklace because you know I have this obsession for nude shades and I didn't have anything to match with my numerous nude sweaters and tops. I really love its craftmanship and the various type of beads that somehow go so well together. Plus, it can take a simple and casual look, like I am wearing in the photos, at a whole different level! I don't know if I'll ever buy clothes as I used to from Zara, but I will enter their store always to check for the statement necklaces. I just think they're an incredible investment for your closet!

How do you feel about this statement necklace fashion that has been trending for over two years? Do you think it's becoming an essential, like owning a little black dress?

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  1. Your necklace is so pretty, very chic outfit. Many thanks for stopping by, may your week start on a high note.

  2. Really pretty look and pics! You have such an adorable face :)

  3. Hey there! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love yours! Your style is so pretty and I love your cute smile on all those pictures! I would love to follow each other to stay in contact...let me know if you would like to follow each other :)
    Have good start in the week!
    Lots of love!

  4. What a gorgeous place! Wow. Love your outfit as well. That necklace is super pretty.

  5. wow, you're really beautiful. and it seems that you're very tall :o
    nice blog, i'll follow you :)
    lots of love, jenni

  6. I love it! The whole outfit looks so classic and pretty.

  7. amazing x

  8. Lovely necklace and you look great.

    Have a nice weekend,
    xoxo Neru

  9. Love that necklace!
    New to fashion blogging, please check out my blog! It is greatly appreciated!

  10. My favorite brand is not Zara, but the most items that I have are from Zara because I can't afford very expensive brands. Your necklace is very cute, I love Zara's necklaces. I like the whole outfit. xoxo

    Enara's Things

  11. love love the necklace you are so pretty
    I just started an blog about petite girl fashion. I be really grateful if you check my blog out thanks.


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