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Glossy Black

Hello there, dear readers, I've been away for the last week, celebrating my sister's birthday. This included three days of intense shopping, she basically upgraded her wardrobe- highschool mode: on! It was exciting because all her life she didn't show much interest in clothes, she would always make me pick her clothes from Zara kids and that was it. I've noticed a big change in her behaviour this year, and it's so fun to shop with her and have an ice-tea at Starbucks in between shops! Now that she's starting highschool, all the old memories came back to me, one of them being PROM. 

I decided to blog about this because I feel like in the four years since I graduated, the online prom dresses industry has gotten insane! You can basically order anything you have on your mind online: lace, embellishments Elie Saab style, Kardashian style dresses which bring out every curve, and all in any color you wish! There still remains one issue- the price. After some research, I was shocked to discover Cheap Prom Dresses - with the discount they have right now, they cost like half of what I paid on mine!

I found all these super affordable prom dresses on and I thought I would make a mini guide with what I believe is trending right now when it comes to prom dresses because they are all too beautiful to resist! I also love the fact they upload photos of the customers for some dresses, this way you can imagine how it would look on your better.

First and foremost, there is always going to be THE BLACK DRESS. Many girls opted for a black dress in my generation, because it's timeless, you can always wear it on future occasions and black exudes elegance. But I feel like in the present, the black dress game is incredible!! All the ample skirts, Grace Kelly style, some paired with a lace crop top, or a backless cut, I just love the selection of Evening dresses they have at Shirs!

Mademoiselle Pastel

Secondly, let's talk about MADEMOISELLE PASTEL trend. Back in my prom days (God, I sound so old) we were all obsessed with Elie Saab and Valentino couture or Maria Lucia Hohan. Unfortunately, back then there weren't many dresses to resemble them in the high street stores and you couldn't really find someone to do those subtle embellishments. I see this is no longer a problem, I couldn't take my eyes off these feminine, graceful dresses! If I were in highschool, I would wear the bottom right one in a hearbeat, I feel like it's tailored to my soul!

Navy Prom

Navy Love - Ever since Kate Middleton wore that iconic engagement dress, people went crazy for navy lace! I'm in that group as well, these long dresses are so beautiful and perfect, I can't honestly pick a favorite out of these four!

How do you feel about the online prom dress shopping? I love the variety, we never had so many options! I can't wait to help my sister pick hers four years from now! Who knows what new exciting things will be trending then?

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  1. Shopping with your sister sounds like it was a really great experience! I love all of the dresses and accessories you posted here. They are just beautiful.


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