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Iphone rose gold + urban decay

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm currently super busy because the Untold festival is coming up in two days! I've been wanting to blog about this for some time, this year my bday gift came in a month early: a Rose Gold Iphone 7. I've been saving up for one for quite some time and my parents had no idea. When I told my dad, he made it possible although he was shocked about my color choice (you know me, I'm a girly girl).

The thing is, ever since I got it, I couldn't bring myself to buy another case for it other than the transparent one. The Rose Gold looks just to good to me and I've been dreaming about having one ever since Iphones came out in this color. My friends know that my phone and tablets are always better dressed than me haha- I tend to buy many fancy cases and I change them often. Everyone was shocked I only wanted the original phone to be shown when I got this and they wondered how long it would last.

But then again, never say never. After two weeks of wearing my transparent case, I discovered one special company with designs which made me change my views. I'm talking about Cachet! What I really loved about this brand from the first start is the fact that their phone cases are minimalistic, yet they bring your imagination to life. I look at them and there are so many shapes and symbols, and the name of each cases makes you feel like you have a whole story under your eyes. 

The Oceana collection is stunning and it's inspired by oceanic marine life, all the illustrations are abstract and chic. I respect the way they really value their customers, each case comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. After a thorough seach I decided the Odyssey model is perfect for my precious phone. It's just been shipped and I can't wait to receive it and to show you guys how my phone looks with it!


The Exfoliate Case & The Odyssey Case - I can't wait for mine to arrive!

Nymph Case & SeaLove Case

This is my favorite top 4 from Cachet, what do you think about it? Every phone, just like its owner needs some fancy clothes!

Also some of my current obsessions: Naked Skin Concealer from Urban Decay- also an early bday gift, from my best friend Simona- I love love love it!
Sephora Lip Stain No. 13
Nyx blending blush- also from Simona
Nyx Lingerie
Naked 3 Pallete
Basically, it's all about nudes over here!
Iphone rose gold + urban decay

Iphone rose gold + urban decay

Iphone rose gold + urban decay

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  1. That phone is gorgeous. I love the rose gold colour. The Oceana collection looks amazing though!

  2. Cool phone cases. The intricacy and detail remind me of those trendy coloring books!


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