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Headband Courtesy of: Alice& Sara from Dulapul Bunicii
Pants: H&M
Shirt: Orsay
Flats: Zara
Owl Ring: C&A
Bracelets: Orsay & vintage

When I was little and I was just getting to learn English and surfing on the internet I once read "Punk's not dead and that's all". I was so fascinated by this statement, especially that I didn't have much of a clue of what punk music would be like. Time went by, I grew up, staying as girlie and as Nouvelle Vague-other feminine and positive songs- lover as ever, all dressed in pastels, ruffles and bows until I got to talk to this amazing person, who has this love for punk/rock/jazz. She made me realize that it's not about only a type of music, it's an attitude! I may never change my style, but I certainly enjoy daring myself to add a little twist of punk/chic/ rock in my outfits. 

So dear readers, punk , feminine, or both of best worlds?


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4 comentarii

  1. Best of both worlds, 100%! I love to be girly but I can be edgy as well. 90% of the time I dress like Blair Waldorf, and then there's that odd 10% where i walk out into the world in studs and leather, a la Taylor Momsen. Both styles are awesome, but its good to switch them up!!


  2. Cute shirt! It is very Terry Richardson haha....

    All the best, Angel

  3. You look so good, I'm so glad you won the headband! I love mixing things up, in fact I kinda live for contrasts, so I usually wear a feminine dress with some crazy accessories, a leather skirt with a floral top and skull earrings, stuff like that.

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


  4. J'aime la chemise! C'est chouette!;)

    Angela Donava


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