This is what I feel right now/ Fancy Friday

by - 01:27

Take me away:A secret place ( In Natasha Bedinfield style). Or Paris, London, LA, NYC would be just fine, doesn't have to be secret haha! That's all I have in mind lately. I feel bad that I haven't taken photos with my camera in ages and I got this party tomorrow and.... I guess I'm quite in a middle of a chrisis because I have, literary, NO inspiration or ideas of what should I wear!

Love, Mary

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4 comentarii

  1. I feel ya on this whole going away business! I SHOULD be working on finals projects, studying for finals and being a lot more productive than I am! All I can think about though are summer plans! Love this post and your blog :)

    Following, follow back?


  2. I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it

    Henar ♥

  4. I love black and white photos - NICE
    Thanks for following - I appreciate it
    will definitely check out your blog more often


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