Pandora's box/Mom's jewelry

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I think it would be the 1 000 000th time I say "Ï'm sorry dear readers for not posting in such a long time" but it's quite the end of term here, and we have all these tests and projects. Anyways, don'tb worry! This whole week I've been using my short break time to snap couple of things around me, and of course, myself.

When I was little I was so fascinated by my mother's jewelry and high heels, just like any little girl.  I open her wooden fancy box where she keeps it, and I'm always stunned. The special thing is, that I had this ball 3 weeks ago and mom decided to put that photo of me (from the ball of course) right beside the box. It just seemed so funny to me, because that is really the expression that I have whenever I open that box.

PS: Don't you just love borrowing your mother's finest jewelry sometimes?


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