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Okay, who is following me on Twitter surely knows about my love for Gala Darling 's blog. It's not that I've just discovered  her blog , I knew it for ages (literally), it's just that I'm now mature enough and commited to blogging so I can see the truth and wisdom in her words. I first discovered Gala's blog when I was almost 14, but I didn't know much English back then and she just seemed to me like a modern,  much younger and even more sparkling Madame Sparklington from the book I used to love as a child, A Glittering Guide for Young Ladies.
I always loved her column, though, no matter how old I was: "Things I love on Thursday". I sometimes make myslef lists, of things that I love, hate or want to improove. I make lists, generally.
What do I love today?
Gala's genius &motivational posts and her one of a kind joie de vivre
 The fact that it was Mulberry's 40th anniversary this week (and just for the record, if one day you'll see a Mary M. bag you'll know who was the muse haha )

Mulberry Spring 2012
 My mind,  for it's creativity.
 The song "Blame it on girls"
 Using my pink lip liner as an colorblocking eyeliner 
 My dreams. It's nice to have some self time and think that someday you'll own a bag like this:
 Cooking (even I barely know how to cook couple of meals)
 Checking my e-mails and seing a good news
 My Zara blazer with striped sleeves
 Laughing whenever I  read "Cinderalla didn't Facebook stalked her Prince Charming!"
 Tumblr because I can find amazing pictures and motivational quotes like these ones:
 Pretty little liars. Okay, I've said it. I am Agatha's Christie biggest fan, this show just challenges my mind and I love it.
 My neon orange nail polish.
 The words "twinkle" and "escarpins"
 My mint and lemon belgian chocolate
 These Chloe pair of bow shoes. Loved them from the first day they hit the catwalk, still dreaming of them:
 The fact that I'm eating water mellon while I'm writing this

So, the first question that I have in mind: What do you love today?

Photo Source: 1/Bag/ , 2/Fab Girl/ , 3/Quote/ , 4/Chloe shoes/


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11 comentarii

  1. i loooove pretty little liars too! :)

    im following you now. :) hope you could visit my blog too and follow back! :) looking forward to your posts! :)


  2. Great post! i love it!

  3. Hello!
    I'm following you on BlogLovin'!!
    How old are you now? I'm turning 14 in October! But I'm already really interested in this fashion blogging world. (:
    Love the photos! Thinking of creating a tumblr now...
    I'd love to see a picture of the pink lipliner as an eyeliner!!


  4. I love the quote about confidence

  5. thank you for the cute comment, would love to keep in touch and am following you now. would love it if you followed me back, and love this post- i really feel the urge to do a 'list' post; my favourite things atm, whats in my bag etc.

    much love- neonrosefashion.blogspot.com x

  6. Haha
    I know I've already posted on this blogpost but... Thank you so much for following me!

    I agree with you about Pretty Little Liars. It is amazing! I feel as if I know the girls now haha


  7. I would die for that purse! So nice x


  8. I love this post! haha There are many things that I love today such as the amazing music I've been listening to! My amazing followers, including you! :] I love Youtube too! haha

    -The BF Mashup

    p.s. I'm following you via Bloglovin' too!

  9. Mulberry is Amazing! Cute bag!

    Pretty Little Liars = Love <3

    hope you follow <3



  10. Hey there, thanks for your comment yes we can follow each other ;) Love this post made me laugh though heheh how can you eat water melon while writing this post? ;) Keep up the good blog you have!


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