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 Oh my! This cape is driving me crazy, especially combined with the pussy bow blouse! Amazing!

As I have stated many times on here, I am an avid lover of what I call "virtual window shopping". I love finding all these shops and boutiques online, that I wouldn't probably have the chance to visit in real life.

Therefore, whenever I find a lovely place online, which seems trustworthy and with qualitative clothes, I like to spread the word, both online and offline. And well, I figured out a while ago, what a better place to write my thoughts other than my blog, where all of you, my dear readers are  stylish people, with a high taste in fashion.

And my last find is.. Ellos! When I came across to it, for the first time, I was rather intigued by their motto: "Welcome to Scandinavian style", since the domain was from UK. However, it didn't take me long to discover that Ellos is a long established brand in Sweden recently launched to the UK. 

The welcome of the page was warm&nice enough and I really like the styles offered for this season such as "Granny Glam" or "Fantasy Folk".
I couldn't help but notice they do faux fur, pussy bow blouses and different prints for this particular fall, still with a clean and simple line. I have made a selection of my favorite things I'm considerring to buy at some point:
Somebody please get me this leather bag! The color would match many pieces of my wardrobe so much!
A skirt with a clean cut, line, it's made of leather and it's color is TAN. It's like my ideal type of skirt, have you noticed how all the famous bloggers own a leather skirt?
That's right. You'd better do check the skirts , most of them are fall essentials, but you also get to see some lovely boho style skirts - maxi ones(remember me wearing maxi skirts this whole summer?!)
Owl ring- oh, the cutest thing!!! I own an owl ring but mine is a light silver one, I would so need one like this!

Oh dear cropped trousers, where were you when I needed you most? Noticed the lovely flats? Funny thing is that I have a similar pair, only on lavander.

My final vote for Ellos is YES. It was fun to discover all this mix of styles, prints and shapes. Have you found a treasure (online shop) you love spending your time on? Do share! :)

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  1. i love this leather bag! :D
    follow each other? (;

  2. The cape is gorgeous. Love it. :)

  3. Love the owl ring! It really cute! I do online shopping sometime :)

  4. Ola Mary Parabéns pelo Blog! Adorei aquele look com camisa de manga longa e laço. Beijos Márcia Blog Coisa Básica

  5. Ohh yeah I love cape to! And leather bag is a MUST HAVE!;)



  6. gonna have to check this site out!



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