Fringe is always in (MY) style! or...How my family always save the day!

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Remember this post where I was telling you about my new camera?

Well, these are actually the first pictures I took using it. Actually, it's not me who took them (obiously!), it was my cousin Ioana, who is a technology genius/little fashionista at the age of 11. I know the pictures don't look that great, it's not the camera's fault but Ioana did try to do her best with a professional camera!
I actually look decent here, thanks to her, although I am teribly sick at the moment. And, even though I carry tissues everywhere, it's still warm outside so I've decided to show some legs, since there are not so many pictures with me in a midi skirt around here if you wonder.

The bag is a bag I've been dreaming of the whole summer! I saw it at Motivi back in June but it was too much for my budget and when I got back for sales I couldn't find it anywhere. Oh well, I sighed and moved on.
However, my extraordinary aunt found it at the final clearance at a quarter of the original price + a matching necklace! I chose to wear them with the most comfortable dress on Earth- from Bershka and my Zara flats.

I still have my "to do" list a fashion blogger and decor is quite a big issue, but at least this time is not a white wall, so give me some credit, please?

Dress: Bershka
Fringe Bag: Motivi
Necklace: Motivi

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8 comentarii

  1. Great look, you're adorable!

  2. This is lovely!! What great colours!


  3. Love the bag as I am a huge fan of fringe myself! x

  4. Oh, you are still so warm! We already have to wear a coat and boots!
    This dress is very nice, I find, and bag and decoration perfectly suits its simplicity and a cool breeze - like the morning dew.

  5. lucky for getting the camera! I need to urgently upgrade my own. the muted tones to this outfit are fantastic. adore the bag, you snagged a good one!


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