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Hello lovelies, how have you been? I am sick once again and the school is quite rough , so I'm still trying to figure out how to balance blogging and daily activities. As I wrote before , I got myself a new camera and everytime I have a spare minute I usually take couple of shots. 

I actually like how the ones with my Mango necklace came out and I chose to post them because I don't think I have ever posted a look on the blog with me wearing a Mango item so far. It's not that I don't own and love many, it's just something that I can't explain myself, I should definetely try one "All Mango " look soon, because the clothes are waiting patiently in my closet.

So this necklace of mine ...well, it is actually one of my favorite jewelry because it's a light turqoise and it has this little sparkles, not to mention the central piece. It goes with everything and it's just a simple and feminine touch to any outfit. Mango accessories are amazing, really now, I saw an "apple necklace" back in my trip to Prague and I can't get it out of my head!

 Yet another sparkling necklace I love to wear, this time from Stradivarius. Funny thing, I have photographed it on another cover on Vogue Paris, but once again with Lara Stone!

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  1. gorgeous


  2. such a sweet jewllery :)


  3. Cool!:)


  4. Hi girl !

    Thank you for your comment !

    nice necklaces!


  5. Thank you for the lovely comment, it means a lot to me! ♥
    We'll stay in touch 100% :)
    Follow you of course!



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