Mint & Light Blue

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♪ 'We are young' - Fun ♪

Give me a second, I- I need to get my story straight. The facts that I have stated in the last post about the weather are exactly the same: one minute it's all sunny and bright and the next minute you desperately reach for your umbrella.

Still, I have come across to these wonderful photos that my best friend Simona took of me, on a marvellous Saturday evening. It's actually a funny story behind this: ever since I started my blog I wanted to take some proper pictures of my favorite denim shirt from Zara but I always had another idea of an outfit post. You see, I've become so accustomed to wear it that it didn't strike me as something special or blog-worthy.

And then I went for a walk and we bought fantastic ice-cream and I was like a little  hyperactive child: "Oh my, S. I'm matching my ice-cream with my jeans you have to take pictures of this, like tons!!!". I didn't realise that I was wearing the shirt and my favourite owl necklace: mint as well. And yes, I know that bag doesn't quite match with the outfit but I am still looking for that perfect nude clutch every girl dreams of, and I am not going to stop!

Oh, well, I just looked outside and guess what: the sun is up! I wonder how long will it be until it rains again, place your bets ;)

Have a lovely weekend, my dear readers!


ZARA pants, ZARA denim shirt, ZARA bag, Bata flats

This is actually my favorite photo of the whole photoshoot and guess what: it has the most horrible background! I know, my luck...

My friend S. was totally matching her ice-cream with her outfit as well!

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10 comentarii

  1. Lloooovvee this! Chic!!<3

  2. Sooo lovely outfit! :) ♥

  3. lovely pastels! xx

  4. Cute outfit, i love your pants
    kisses and have a wonderful weekend

  5. That's a really cute outfit and I love those coloured jeans!!!


  6. ohh! nice pants! şi drăguţă asocierea cu îngheţata! :D
    The Indie Chase Blog

  7. lovely outfit darling, you look great, hope your having a great weekend, its raining here as well again, pity, kisses xx leonie

  8. Great outfit! I love how everything matches - even your ice cream!
    I get excited about that sort of thing :)
    Nice shoes too.

  9. You look adorable! Pastels colors looks great on you!


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