Sicilian adventures: Day 2 - Syracuse, Ortigia & Noto

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“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.” 
Andy Warhol

Our second day in Sicily was a full one! My uncle made this genius schedule- one full day when we would arrive at the hotel late at night, always followed by a lighter day when we'd arrive at the hotel at 5 PM and have some time for the pool ( I still miss the pool so much, it was the best!).

We started with the historical Syracusa. I'm sure you've heard about Syracuse from Ancient Greek tales, and it is also the birth town of Archimedes, the brilliant mathematician. The amazing part about Syracuse is that it has an astonishing archaeological Park (it's an UNESCO heritage site) where you can see the Ancient ruins - you can't imagine how big it actually is, and it was particularly hard for us to visit it because we went to Syracuse on our hottest day in Sicily and at some point when we ran out of water I was getting kind of dizzy. Thank God for my straw hat, I don't know what I would have done without it in Sicily! I loved the Greek and Roman theatre in Syracuse but I was most impressed by the Ear of Dionysius (photos after the break)- it's an unique cave, I was amazed about its shape and size.

The old town of Syracuse is called Ortigia and to me it was like a totally different town, tourists usually say it's the most magical part of Syracuse and I agree! The residents of Syracuse usually take their passeggiata in Ortigia and who wouldn't, considering the fact there is a breathtaking Piazza del Duomo (I couldn't stop taking photos of the Duomo, it's an exemple of brilliant architecture) ,the Fountain of Arethusa and some unique views over the sea. I also ate the best Nutella ice cream in Ortigia- ever since I came home from Sicily I couldn't bring myself to buy Nutella ice cream because I'd rather remember that taste!

After Ortigia, we went to a beautiful town called Noto - it resembled with Ortigia, especially the style of the churces but it had a certain air, I could walk for days on its cobbled streets! I also had my first cannoli in Noto and I have to say I prefer a ricotta cannoli over a chocolate or vanilla one, to my surprise. But what left me speechless was how lucky we were- there was a pop-up exhibition in Noto of one of my favorite artists -ANDY WARHOL (Andy Warhol e Noto- il barocco immaginario) . Three years ago I started to be really into pop art and I read a lot about his work, but what ultimately made me a fan of Andy Warhol the man, artist part aside, was the book he wrote - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. I was a teenager, and you know how certain books shape your future adulthood? This book was it for me! It was so profound yet written in a light way, with a genius sense of humour. I was like a kid in the candy store, I couldn't stop looking of Andy's sketches dedicated to the legendary Cecil Beaton, that Mick Jagger Interview cover, the Velvet Underground cover and all Marilyns and Campbell soups! I honestly never wanted to leave the exhibition, having so many of his famous works in one place made me ecstatic!

I usually mix photos up in travelling posts, but I chose to place them cronologically this time, so I could write notes on what can you see in each town.

Esprit T-shirt (my aunt got it for me, I love the fact it says Summer 16- Drake reference much? and it's in my favorite color!), H&M denim shorts, C&A hat, Accessorize sunglasses

The Archaeological Park in Syracuse
IMG_1309 IMG_1312 IMG_1349 IMG_1320 IMG_1304 IMG_1322 IMG_1317 IMG_1310 IMG_1352

the Ear of Dionysius cave

IMG_1355 IMG_1362

Inside the cave:

IMG_1367 IMG_1301

Time for Ortigia- Il Duomo
IMG_1390 IMG_1433 IMG_1443

That Nutella ice cream


How is this even real??

IMG_1436 IMG_1423 IMG_1450

Piazza del Duomo:

IMG_1377 IMG_1448IMG_1446 IMG_1434

This is my favorite photo:

IMG_1374 IMG_1391

And now, it's time for Noto & Andy:




Noto is actually famous for having the buildings in the same color tone:

IMG_1472 IMG_1468 IMG_1452

A bag of cannoli:


...& the star: ricotta cannolo:

IMG_1484 IMG_1455

What's up, Elvis?

From Andy...for Cecil Beaton

Kinda my favorite Coca Cola ad forever
Mick Jagger for Andy's magazine (yep, Interview Magazine was founded by Andy!)

Andy's famous flowers & a very emotional Mary
When I first saw Marilyn:

IMG_1521 IMG_1533
The Velvet Underground album cover
Starting to get into the Marilyn poses (blue Marilyn was my favorite):

IMG_1515 IMG_1502
I totally saved my favorite for last: that famous Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat box shoot (love them both!)
A kiss from Marilyn & me for all of you x

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  1. Oh wow. This sounds like such an incredible day! You certainly saw an awful lot. How cool that Noto had an exhibit on Andy Warhol. Those pieces are fantastic.

  2. Awesome post!! It looks like you got a lot of really cool pics! ;P


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