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I got back from Sicily last week and it took me a while to get all my photos in order and decide how to write about this incredible experience. I decided to make my first post about the hotel we stayed in, because I truly believe the whole experience wouldn't have been the same without the hotel of my dreams, as I call it now.  Sicily (Sicilia in Italian) is an astonishing island, full of ancient history, breathtaking architecture and unique gastronomy (so many famous Italian dishes have been invented in Sicily like arancini, cannoli, granita- I'll make sure to post about the food in the near future).

I usually don't blog about the places I stay in, I use TripAdvisor to leave reviews, but I loved the place we stayed so much! My aunt and uncle read about agriturisimo (agritourism) being all the rage in Sicily lately and they found La Terra dei Sogni. Located in Fiumefreddo, it's a really cosy and intimate place to spend your holiday because there aren't so many rooms. The hotel is placed in the middle of citrus groves, hence the fresh orange and red orange juice at every single breakfast and the possibility to eat fresh orange or tangerine from the trees whenever you feel like. The room was so spacious, but what we ultimately loved most was the pool area. It was the best pool I've ever swum in, the water was so clean and warm and you could easily view Mount Etna. I need to set one thing straight- location wise, it's the perfect one as long as you have a car. We read a lot about Sicily before going there, and I strongly believe you can't visit the whole island without one (there were days when we'd go 400 km, it's a really big island) and I also heard the bus schedule can be unreliable in Sicily. Fiumefreddo is right next to Giardini Naxos ( the ultimate golden sand beach Sicily has) and Taormina- the best thing there is to visit in Sicily, in my opinion.

Outfit wise, I'm wearing my Zara bodysuit I blogged about in my last post. The shorts are from H&M, two days before leaving for Sicily I realized I didn't have any shorts so I went to my local store and found two perfect pairs for the holiday. I really love their print, they're so fun to wear! All the photos from this post were taken at the hotel.

Zara bodysuit, H&M shorts, Musette flats

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