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No secret at all, I'm SUPER MEGA OBSESSED with owls. I embraced the trend couple months ago, since almost all the blogs I read have featured this amazing jewerly trend. However, I kept looking for it so long until...one day, when I have spent all my allowance I found it, a necklace!!!! Last in the store!!! I had to call my mother to bring me some money ahhh *blushes*

I don't love only the shape and colors, it's their actual symblol - wisdom. I'm not superstitious, but I really consider owl jewelry my lucky charm lately!

Even my dad got the point I love owls so much that he bought me some precious owl earrings! Aren't they just perfect?

PS: Apparently, owls turned into jewerly aren't the only ones I love. You might see a *cough*peacock(wonderfull, colored, PERFECT)*cough* these days...

PPS: Themed song of Black Eyed Peas- I just love Fergie's voice at the beggining+ it matches so well with my mood!

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