Dancing with myself....

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 Song: Nouvelle Vogue-Dancing with myself  (so happy at the moment!)

I promised in one of my latest posts that I will post a closer look of my favourite vintage bracelet.  Can you actually see the details properly now? What's your oppinion about it? I know I love it, for sure!

Anyways, this outfit I'm posting...I'm not so happy with this one because I feel like it's plain, but that's the truth: I usually dress like this when I rush to school. No time for floral skirts, dots or huge jeans. I'm just keeping it simple and age appropriate if you ask me.

I actually bought three of the items in the same days and I'm OBSESSED with them since they fit heavenly in my closet and I can make douzens of outfits using them. Without any further introductions...
Top: Marks&Spencer
Jeans: Zara
Killer boots: Benvenuti
Necklace: got it from my friends for my birthday
Bracelet: vintage

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