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Last spring I remember how the shops were all full of vests, pants, all brown leather and fringed! I loved the idea myself so I purchased a vest from Motivi which I've worn twice.

Apparently, I thought wisely since many designers decidied to go for "Modern Craft" this spring too! Not only brands like Roberto Cavalli or Ralph Lauren had this as their main inspiration, but you can definetely see accents in the Lanvin, Paul&Joe, Dior(some bags!), Diesel collections.

I managed to take some pictures finally with the outfit I had in mind implying this vest which  I simply ADORE. Sorry for the crappy background, but as in my country it's currently snowing all day long, I'm pretty much stuck at home.What I eally find odd about my outfit is that I chose to wear all kind of vintage and random things. Also, I always wear AT LEAST 2 Zara items yet in all these pictures I'm only wearing a shirt. The vest is from Motivi again.... do you know the brand? Hm..then I got this AMAZING, STUNNING , PERFECT pair of jeans and their tag says I bought them from Flo&Jo???

My oh-so-loved owl necklace is from Orsay and the bracelet that I'm wearing on my right hand (Damn! Can't see it properly  because I wasn't paying attention to it so it flipped!) has been in my family for 23 years. The ring is also so old and it's from amber and here comes my shoes obsession: THE WEDGES! Mom got that stunning pair about 6 years ago and they had these cute flowers (I'm gonna make an outfit where you'll see them better, PROMISE!) that fell so  she wasn't wearing them anymore and she was planning to throw them away. Of course I saved them , cause nowadays I'd probably have to pay like 70 euros to get some decent and trendy wedges.

This would have been the best picture of my life so far. I remember I had this huge smile on my face, confidence and I honestly don't know how on Earth I was able to strike a pose like that! However, I cannot understand my camera at all!!

Are you ready to wear the MODERN CRAFT TREND?

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  1. J aime ton gilet!!! Original!!! Biz
    Angela Donava


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