Friday, 4 November 2011

I just wanna be okay( in my KOOKAI coat)

Ah, I'm in such a rush lately, but I have decided to keep you updated as much as I can. This is my new lovely great coat, from Kookai, and I love it! Of course, I was running out of time and my cousin only snapped couple pictures (these in the post are literary the only ones!), but I had to show it.

Therefore, excuse the effects and so on but I had to make the photos look decent. Also, note my hairdo! I'm really proud of it, as I am following lots of hair tutorials lately!
The blouse is also a dear piece of clothing to me, even if this was the second time I have worn it. I got it last fall, when there was a total madness regarding the floral trend.

I was wearing:
Coat: Kookai
Jeans: H&M
Socks: Zara
Necklace : Orsay
Boots: Benvenuti


  1. Lovely coat!

  2. like your coat and your necklace! xoxo

  3. Coat and necklace - fantastic! Brava!

  4. I love the coat!:) the third photo is really amazing, dear:)* <3

  5. le manteau est à tomber.

    visit me back

  6. I love your coat ! Your necklace is so beautiful !


  7. CRAP. Everything about the look is LOVE :) You dress so fabulously :)

  8. I love your shoes!! So beautiful.

  9. love your outfit so much!!
    ♥ A. N

  10. aww Thank for the sweet comment. am so flattered you liked my blog cz i loved yours too. we should def follow each other.


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