Monday, 4 June 2012

Iaşi is where my heart is

Beware! I'm on 'Chatty Cathy' mode today

For those who don't live in Romania or simply don't watch the news there has hapened some major changes in my most favorite city in the world- Iaşi . A new complex called 'Palas' has just opened few days ago and this implied some incredible events which I also attended. It's not just the huuuge mall I love (with the most incredible Zara store-seriously, it beats the one from Prague) but also the gardens which are in front of the Palace of Culture and the lake. I had to take pictures, it's just a complete madness, it looks like a whole different city!

Back to the events I attended there was one which has a certain impact on me: Saturday night we tried to achieve a Guiness record by lighting the most sky-lanterns in the world! Needless to say, we made it and it felt just amazing knowing that one of the 12740 fairy lights was mine (there's a picture after the break).  Also, I ate for the first time at Subway. I know, silly me, I felt like a tourist when I took a picture in front of the restaurant but it was something I have been craving for ever since last August when I was in Budapest and we didn't have time to stop at one and grab a sandwich. This experience kind of reminded me of a post I saw on 9gag a while ago because when I was being asked about the ingredients I kept saying random things. The result was delicious , though.

Now, about the outfit of the day: I bought this  dress from Zara at the last sales, when I also bought this versatile wallet and my most loved belt. Also, the leopard flats are the most comfortable in the world!
Against a monster proceeds an intentional unfortunate.

Zara dress, Bershka belt, Pull&Bear wallet, H&M flats

I know, I know creepy lights but I had to show you the lake!

And a picture of me before lthe sky-lanterns launch (follow me on Instagram @marymanaila)


  1. beautiful outfit and photos dear!:) kisses!

  2. What a beautiful dress and great photos! :)

  3. It looks amazing there! Can I just ask, who do you get to take your photos? Thanks!

    1. Hello there, Phillipa, I'm really glad you asked me this because it shows you really care about this little blog I'm trying to keep updated. Mostly my cousin , Ioana who is 11 years old but also my best friends : Diana and Simona.

      This photoshoot was photographed by my cousin though :)

      Take care, I love your blog! x

  4. It looks so beautiful there! I adore that dress you wore. What a gorgeous combination of colours!

  5. You look really adorable, love your dress, it's so lovely!!! cute shoes too!
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you :)

  6. I really like the colour blocking of this dress!

  7. hey sweetie,
    Saw ur lovely comment on my blog n decided to follow u. Meanwhile lovely blog u have here and nice dress there. hope u follow bck. xoxox

  8. Hi Mary, your dress is so cute and I can't get over with it. I wish I could find the same dress as what you have here as I am really jealous with you. It does perfectly fit on you.

  9. I love the color block detail of this dress you look gorgeous!

  10. love the color combination of blue& orange on your dress, the colors suit you a lot xx


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  13. Oh dear! what a nice blog. i love it.

  14. I love Zara! Great outfit.


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