Burgundy & Sequins

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I'm so HAPPY tha I'm actually able to write on the blog right now! It's been a rough week and the next two ones will be even harder as I have my exams and everything. Fortunately, we don't have school tomorrow so it will be a long weekend and well deserved break for me!!!

As I said before, I was so anxious to write this post because I have missed you guys so much(I hope you can appreciate the fact that even I was busy I managed to reply to everyone's mails) and also because I finally get to show you my burgundy sweater, such a great essential and trend for this fall! Oh, have I mentioned it also has sequins all over it? This is what made me buy it actually, I always had a thing for fabulous & shiny clothes!

Now , I know there are less pictures, but this is only because I was in a rush and I found a great spot regarding the light. Needless to say, 5 minutes after I finished posing that fabulous light vanished!! Also, starting now , the photos of my details will have TeenFashionDiary's logo on the left/right because I have found many photos with over 1000 notes on Tumblr which belong to me , yet I wasn't credited. Even though I mailed everyone who posted them, I only got two replies and I was so dissapointed! You can see the photos I was talking about at my Tumblr: marylueden.

Anyways, how cool is the matching burgundy necklace from Accessorize? I got it two years ago, on sale and I paid like 4 euros, when bordeaux wasn't a cool shade and statement necklaces weren't so popular. Now I congratulate the old me as the investment(if you can call spending 4 euros that haha) was a total success!!

Have a wonderful day, my dear readers, and don't forget that even if I'm not able to post so often I always think about you!

Wait, I forgot to talk about one more thing, the hairstyle, which you can properly see after the break. I believe every girl should find an easy-peasy and yet outstanding way to do her hair when she's on the run. Mine takes 5 minutes and it's super comfortable to wear(and yes, it is my actual hair!)! Let me know what you think, as I got some requests on doing vlogs about hair and beauty.

ZARA jeans & top , ACCESSORIZE bag & necklace, ORSAY cardigan & bracelets, H&M flatforms
hair2 maybe main shot

pretty outfit

most likely


burgundy 5

extra stash

outfit 2

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19 comentarii

  1. I like that sweater, very nice color.


  2. I love your hair! It's so feminine and delicate

  3. Guapa, cuando leí el titulo, buscaba las lentejuelas en la primera foto y decía, por dios no las veo, estoy siego :) en la segunda se ven perfectas. Que bello detalle. Brillas como una estrella. El color vino es perfecto. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a conocer un poco de mi país en estas increibles fotografias, muévete a verlas, valen la pena. Besos y besos.

  4. very interesting color combination. looks very comfortable!
    and i loveee your necklace! <3


    NEW POST: abandoned.

  5. You should do vlogs! It is a wonderful idea! lOVE YOU! <3 XOXO

  6. Such a gorgeous sweater, am loving that shade at the moment and it looks great on you
    Sucks to hear about all the pics with no credit though. ugh thats so annoying!

  7. Very pretty! And the styling is very original and seems easy to do :)

  8. Lovely post, my sweatheart!

    Have a beautiful week!




  9. You are so beautiful! Love your style :)


  10. Such a cute look! The sweater is really pretty (can never say no to sequins!) and adds so much glam to an already great outfit but without going over the top. In other words, awesome :)

  11. oo...i'm totally copying that hairstyle! too cute

  12. looking so cute and gorgeous!

  13. i really love your look...and your hairstyle too..

  14. http://je-ne-sais-pas-rien.blogspot.ro/2012/12/leapsa-secretoasa.html O leapsa de completat!

  15. Nice outfit, I really like your necklace :)


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