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♪ Adele -Skyfall♪

Stressed but well dressed - this is how I would describe myself lately, I mean I least I try with the 'well dressed' part haha but I feel like there's not enough time, or maybe I have no idea how to manage mine! Therefore, a trick is in order for girls like me, who are always in a rush and still want to look fabulous: 

Invest in a key piece for fall, incredible, unique yet still easy to wear on a regular basis! 

I found mine at Zara, two weeks ago, and I couldn't be more happy! I'm talking about this white loose sweater, with the most amazing fabric, cut and easy to match with all my jewellery! I almost wear it too much, but you'll see after you click for 'MORE' why, it has a fancy detail in the back. Also, I'm sure you noticed the background- the same old background which I call the 'emergency' one as I have too many pictures taken here plus it's not cute as well...Oh well, forgive me, I had to show you this sweater somehow!

As for the song I chose it's because I went with my cousin and some friends and saw Skyfall, the new James Bong movie. I'm sure you've heard of it, it is an action movie with a huge budget and amazing actors after all but the thing that impressed me most was the subject! Overall, I got the following idea:

You shouldn't give up on yourself, on your hopes and dreams and that there's always a place for a new beginning or, as Adele would sing it 'Skyfall is where we start'.

ZARA white loose sweater, ZARA jeans, Massimo Dutti python shoes, Fossil watch, Accessorize bag, Orsay necklace






But wait, there's another thing I'd like to tell you:

7th of November is the day when one of my best friends, Diana was born. And she turns 18! This is HUGE, you only have this important moment once in your life and Diana is lucky enough to celebrate it abroad, in a special place, far far away from here. I love you D., HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Me & D. , back in April <3

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14 comentarii

  1. Love those sweaters!!! xx :)

  2. hihi, am ochit si eu puloverul asta zilele trecute, e foarte cute combinatia cu printul de la pantofi :D

  3. I'm in love with your bag! Love the casual outfit, too!

  4. love this sweater alot you look so cute

    Love Emma

  5. I love the sweater!
    Happy birthday to your friend!

  6. I love how you have made a causal outfit look so special! it looks so warm and comfy x x

  7. Good one. I like you sweater..

  8. Foarte interesant puloverul.Imi place tare mult acest gen de pulovere:x.

  9. nice... I like the sweater! 'Wanna have one, too!

  10. its perfect indeed. love it!

  11. Cute sweater and awesome bag! Sorry to hear you're stressed--relax a little!


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