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I've just started to sort all my photos from Rhodes (I didn't realise I took so many until a couple of days ago my iphone didn't let me take any because my memory was full)- the thing is Rhodes is so charming, full of beautiful beaches, rocky mountains, astonishing trees that it's hard to resist the urge to snap everything you see, and I'll make sure to post the travel photos in the next posts.

We stayed in Ixia, a really popular resort which is near the capital, so every night we'd usually end up wandering on the quaint streets of the Old Town of Rhodos. Ixia is most known for the powerful waves the Aegean Sea has in the area, so most people choose it as a destination for windsurfing. Therofore, you can't really swim for a long time because of the water currents, but that doesn't mean you're going to have a bad time if you don't know how to surf! Me and my family made up a lot of fun games, like fighting with the waves, who can stay more still without being carried by the waves and it just doubled the fun! Of course, the Mediterranean Sea in Lindos is so quiet and clear that we rented cars for two days and went to the beach there, because sometimes you need a good old-fashioned swim (more on the city of Lindos in a future post).

As for my beach attire, every year I promise myself I won't buy another beach dress. This year I couldn't help it either, because I finally found my dream dress: a butterfly shaped one, white, with adorable details and a really good price from Marks & Spencer.  As for the hat, I was going to "Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation" with my family two days before we left for Rhodes  and I was complaining how I never find a summer hat. Two minutes after this talk, we pass the C&A windows and I see it. After the movie,  I rush to the store and it's nowhere to be found, except on that mannequin in the window. It was a whole adventure, because it was the last one and it didn't have the tag so they had no way to scan it. Fortunately, they managed to find the code in the end and I have to say the hat saved me from the unbearable heat we had in Rhodes! I got the sunnies last year from Accessorize and I still adore them and the swimsuit is from Oysho.

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  1. Such a lovely outfit! The location looks gorgeous too:)x


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