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Over the years, we have debated a lot on this blog about weddings: the right dress, where to find a cool bridesmaid dress, the perfect hairstyle and yet I seem to have missed one important thing...can you guess it? I was talking to a friend the other day about the comedies I've watched lately and I couldn't help but wonder if the engagement party is a big deal for most brides, like American movies seem to indicate. This led me, of course, to the question: What does the future bride wear? I started to play around in Polyvore, looking for dresses which would be right for an engagement party , taking in consideration different personalities and then it hit me: the outfit has to make THE RING stand out. 

That's right, we never discussed the ring. Maybe it's because women are not the ones who choose it. I suddenly became really curious if one could order an engagement ring online. It turns out it's a really popular option nowadays and one affordable brand got my heart! You know I love shopping online and discovering new sites. I love to read about their story, go through most of their online stock, search for its presence in the social media etc. Jeulia is the brand I discovered, and its story is so sweet and sincere: the owners were classmates in college and lovers. They both dreamed of opening a jewelry store and when they graduated they promised each other that when their dream would come true, they would finally marry. The husband thought of the name "Jeulia" because his wife is named Jolie (and let's face it, it's also a great reference to jewelry!). I just melted when I read their story, and I fell in love even more with their engagement rings!

The Jeulia rings are stunning, and they come in so many different styles and colors! I have to confess I never saw a black diamond engagement ring before, I honestly think they're so cool, which is why I had to include my favorite in one of the collages I made (for the "Punk Rock bride"). Although they are known for their engagement rings, they have expanded in both in necklaces and bracelets areas (the EKG golden chain is so rad!).

So, let's talk about four different styles of engagement outfits and about their matching rings, of course:

1. The Romantic Bride (first set): wearing Elie Saab purple dress, Givenchy sandals ( I'm in awe!!), Charlotte Olympia clutch, Jeulia engagement ring
For her, it's all about pastel cupackes, douzens of roses and feminine dresses- I have to confess this ring was my favorite!

Day & Night

2. The Punk Rock bride- Temperley London mini dress, Christian Louboutin Pigalles, Jeulia black diamond ring
She's eclectic, everyone's favorite party girl and "Louboutin on her toes again" is not just Kanye lyrics for her, but an absolute necessity.


3. The Pretentious Bride - Roland Mouret gown, Gianvito Rossi pumps, Jeulia engagement ring
Her wedding needs to be PERFECT, and the first important part is the engagement party! She'll wear a beautiful evening gown and make sure to flaunt her beautiful diamond.


4.The Wild Flower Bride - wearing Dolce&Gabbana Portofino shorts, River Island top, Christian Louboutin shoes, Michael Kors watch, Jeulia blue diamond ring
The party she hosts will be casual, just a couple of friends and family, maybe a barbecue or a pool party. She'll wear something comfortable, yet chic, with vivid prints and colors.

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