The Old Town of Rhodes

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The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most enchanting places I've ever visited! It has about 200 streets with no names, so it was a real pleasure getting lost there a couple of times (although mom was genuinely scared). Most of the times you'll get around thanks to the many maps they have in the city, but in case you panic you can ask for the Sokratous Street, which is their main street, with tons of souvenir shops, local furs and leather stores. The old town has ten gates, and I recommend you enter it via Amboise Gate, the one near the Palace of the Grand Master because it's near the New Town (the high street shops are 5 minutes away from this gate) and you reach the top of the Sokratous Street, so the only way is going down the hill, which makes for a casual walk. Once you've reached the end of the street, and you're at the Liberty Gate, you can exit the Old Town and you're in the port. Couple of hundred metres on the seafront and you're at the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes used to be- now there are two towers with dears which show where the feet of the Colossus used to be- I was genuinely impressed, especially because I was obsessed with the seven wonders of the world back when I was nine.

I've included an overload of photos in this post, because there are so many beautiful places I discovered on the quaint streets, so I really felt like I should share my travel tips with you, as always. The ice cream in the Old Town is divine, it's the first place where I've found orange ice cream and I swear it was like a frozen orange fresh, so good. Also, I've seen the most incredible garden: Sokratous Garden, a place with lovely greek deco, great beverages and an impressive amount of orange trees, lemon trees, mostly every tree viable in Greece you can imagine. I've included travel notes above most of the photos in this post.

Fashion wise, it was a really hot day so I chose my white Zara skirt because of its light fabric and my new nude sandals. I've had the hot pink top for two years now, yet I never had anything to match it with until this summer. Of course, you don't stand a chance without having a hat on in the sun, so I wore my new hat, the one I wrote about here.

The wall of the Old Town, I was about to enter the Amboise Gate:
While walking on the seafront both my cousins joked: "Mary, you never told us about your yacht!" This boat was amazing, and the silver letters shinned so bright in real life!
My favorite gate of the Old Town:
The breathtaking Sokratous Garden:
IMG_3506 socratous garden IMG_3316
The place where the ancient Colossus used to be:
IMG_3626 IMG_3370
Sokratous Garden once again:
IMG_3534 IMG_3448 IMG_3568 IMG_3428 IMG_3320 IMG_3310 IMG_3402 IMG_3440 IMG_3407 IMG_3372 IMG_3394 IMG_3321 IMG_3427 IMG_3600 IMG_3403 IMG_3538 IMG_3576 IMG_3395 IMG_3314 IMG_3425 IMG_3556 IMG_3401
And once again, my favorite gate- it's just magic!
rhodes gate

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