And the ring goes to...

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Missed it much? Picture taken with my new Samnsung Galaxy S2

Phew, I know, I'm late even at my own giveaway! The truth is that school is so hectic right now, and I miss so much posting around here and taking photos of my outfits and so on, it's just that I need more time!
On a brigther side, we end the first giveaway of this blog. It's been so fun, and for the others that haven't won the ring I have some great news: there will be a new giveaway in a couple of weeks!

And the winner is...

Madalina, with comment number #3!
 I have to e-mail her right away! And oh, sorry Madalina for taking it out of the box for a last photo!  Thank you everyone, you are all amazing and I plan to host as many giveaways as I can, so , who knows, maybe everyone will win at some point.

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8 comentarii

  1. Aw what a cute ring and Im super jelous of the winner :D what a gorgeous giveaway x

  2. Aww even I second with Kayleigh,....but neways congratulations to the luck winner :)

  3. cograts!
    I just won one giveaway few minutes ago so I would be too much luckÿ to win this too :D:D:D :)

  4. congrats! the ring is beautiful and so chic!

  5. So lucky, such a great ring!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Fox House giveaway on my blog!
    Cosa mi metto???

  6. Love it!!

    Saltos de cristal

  7. Congratulations Madalina! Enjoy this ring :)


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