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Me back in Summer, Budapest, August
Have you ever noticed that , when you look at a photo from last year all you see different is your hairdo? Like it or not, your hair always emphasizes your face in a different way. Of course, you may loose some weight or have dark circles under your eyes and then you just feel doing your hair differently, even changing it's color.

I was writing in my last post about how I am obsessed with all these unique hairstyles but let's think a little about the basics: you can't do spectacular things to your hair without professional hairstyling tools and different products.

I consider a good luck the fact that I've come across this lovely photoshoot, featuring Katty Perry. I wanted to know if it's an editorial in a magazine or a campaign, and I've managed to find out that it was a campaign for ghd and she is their ambassador:

And that is how I discovered ghd, a company , a brand, which provides  a wide range of  hair straighteners, hairdryers, hair products, pretty much everything you need to have a healthy hair and a gorgeous hairdo.

Regarding the brand, I love that they have an online shop and they seem to be delivering everywhere and it's really like wonderland, with all kinds of products, for all kinds of hair. If you click here I'm sure you'll find yourself  visiting all their categories and special offers, especially because they have a clean web layout.

I don't know about you, but I'm in love with their limited edition line of hair straighteners on different colors, which come with an unique clutch. I want all these clutches and the idea of a colored hair straightener, mine is old and boring(if you can call a tool boring haha)!!!

What about you, do you use any hair products or professional tools?

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7 comentarii

  1. It returns in the childhood...)

  2. the 1st picture is really amazing!!

  3. Doll's image! Brava!


  4. love the second photo ! is so colorful

  5. Love the colourful photos! And it's true! The other day I was looking through some photos from a year back and my hair was entirely different. It's always interesting to see your style evolutions!


  6. Amazing picture! I agree that hair always emphasizes face in a different way. :)


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