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Before I start the real post let me ask you one more time: Have you entered the amazing, incredible & unique giveaway I am hosting yet? You'd better, because we are close to an end!

In other news, I am freezing in my little town!The weather might seem okay in the photos, but oh..the things I do for the blog...For real, I barely can wear anything but UGG since Friday, when I attended the most awesome prom(and I wore some killer shoes) and not to mention my big , fluffy , white coat.  I look like an Eskimo, a very cute one though haha.

But, you see, I couldn't take the coat on, I mean I LOVE my bow sweater from Zara and it's so much fun to play around the close tone. The boots from Bata are also very comfy, not fashionable, but comfy, and that is exactly what my feet need right now:

Sweater: Zara
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Socks: Zara
Boots: Bata
Necklace: Orsay

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12 comentarii

  1. Your sweater is so cute that I wouldn´t wear the coat too!! Would you like to participate in our street style Queen contest?? SEnd us one of your cute looks!!!!

  2. I lovr your outfit !
    Your shoes are so pretty !


  3. beautiful photos:) i love your boots.)

  4. I love this boots!!!)

  5. not fashionable? I love your boots, the shearling peeking out looks so cozy. beautiful pictures :)

  6. You know, it's weird, we share an bit of our first names; I mean I'm Maryline and you're Mary. Also, I really like the outfits I saw for now it's really great, casual yet personal.

  7. Hey there,
    Well it is absolutely my pleasure promoting your giveaway, because it is just supa cute ^_^

    Well I wouldn't say that your fashionable,,,cz that is something you are :p .... but would rather say that you are cute ^_^
    And I am a sucker for accessories, loving your owl neck piece.... totally gawjus :D

    P.s. I am doing a little makeover of my blog and will be ready soon, would love to feature you in my guest post list :D Will buzz you for that soon ^_^

    P.p.s. Your house is in such a pretty area...I wish I had a pretty place to sneak in like that :D

    Till than with much love
    <3 Apurva ^_^

  8. Hi , thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the owl . Your blog is cute and lovely as well ! I like the photography style in which you took the photos .

  9. Great outfit! Thank you for visiting my blog!Kisses

  10. nice outfit! love your smile

  11. loved your outfit!! and those boots are fantastic!!!
    i follow u!
    visit me at :


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