Je t'adore, DIOR!

by - 07:25

The lovely Steilman sweater wasn't the only thing my aunt gave me on her birthday (yes, I know, she has gifts for me even on her special day!). I am a happy owner of a J'adore Dior creamy shower gel, which simply does miracles to my skin!

I just loved the portrait of it and my golden details . This must be because I have chosen my furniture like this, to give the room a clear space, and I love spreading my accesories and makeup everywhere, I call it an methodical chaos(my mom  disagrees, though). About the jewelry,

Necklace: Claire's (from Prague)
Ring: Accessorize

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9 comentarii

  1. Fascinating! Brava!

  2. This scent is really nice :)

  3. My mum has J'adore Dior too)

  4. The shower gel looks lovely, I love J'adore products.


  5. Nice, if it smells like the perfume it would be great! I have the perfume. (:

  6. Oooh jadore! How fancy ha :] Smells wonderful and is great for the skin is like beating two birds with one stone (hope that expression doesn't sound to vulgar ha) Check out my new posts! I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I'm back for good now.

    -Alyssa from The BF Mashup

  7. The wife of my father has this perfume and it smells very good !
    But I will never change my "coco mademoiselle" de Chanel ;)

    Nice weekend !


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