Givenchy & Gold

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2012-09-12 12.18.11

Farewell, my dear holiday! Oh, my summer holiday is officially OVER. I'm so sad, I mean it's been the best holiday I've had so far as it involved a lot of travelling, SHOPPING, making new friends, improving this blog, reading, cooking & even a little driving. And there is one more major thing that happened in this beloved holiday of mine: I got my (now) favourite fragrance , Gucci Guilty & a Givenchy bag from some family friends!

Yes, a Givenchy bag! I was over the moon! It's not made of leather or anything, it's more of the light and beach-appropriate type but it has golden details, a great size (perfect for school) and the most incredible shape!!! What more can a girl ask for?

I took it out for a walk and decided to match it with some grey and sandy yellow tones, I love how every detail works! Of course my outfit needed a splash of color, so I went for a mint (I know, such a surprise! haha)  scarf which I got for my birthday from my cousin.
 Also, note my incredible statement necklace I got from my friend Andreea, I love it! I really have amazing people in my life, thank you all for supporting me and always being so kind! Yes, I am talking about S. too , who took these stunning photos and also about M. who spoiled me today with the cutest navy top!

Givenchy bag, Zara skirt, Zara top, Fossil watch, Bata wedges, Orsay scarf

2012-09-12 12.17.56

2012-09-12 12.19.54
2012-09-12 12.24.16

2012-09-12 12.21.58

2012-09-12 12.22.04

2012-09-12 12.24.01

2012-09-12 12.39.59
2012-09-12 12.22.17
2012-09-12 12.30.08

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22 comentarii

  1. Beautiful look, love the bag *_* Thanks for the visit and comment, I'm following your blog :)

    Xoxo :*

  2. You look pretty! Love the scarf in the bag!


  3. I love your bag. Kisses from Ely.

  4. cute bag!

  5. nice look and beautiful shoes!

  6. LOVE your shoes! and that bag is to die for! I've just started a blog and was wondering if you had any tips on how to run a successful blog?

    xo from Los Angeles,

  7. love the colors of the outfit and great bag!

  8. Love your shoes!

  9. Geanta este o comoara!!!Ai grija de ea!

  10. Absolut cute! And a lovley necklace!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  11. thanks for your comment! it's so nice :)
    your blog is cool! i'm following you now ;)

  12. Looks so cool and comfy, while so simple! Great accessories!

  13. Your Givenchy bag is gorgeous, I love that pale pink color! It goes great with your pretty outfit :) now following.

  14. You look so pretty :))
    I love your outfit !

  15. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  16. You're so pretty! Gret outfit :)

  17. Wow, amazing look! Loving that bag :)


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