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I initially wanted to name this post 'The little white dress' because that's actually how this Mango piece of clothing is labeled - dress haha. You might not notice in the pictures but it's really a see-through type of dress, there's no way of wearing it without leggings/shorts.

Before saying that this is not a very coordinated outfit , let me just explain myself: this is what I call a dressy and girlie ensemble for a bicycle ride. That's right, I wore this when I wanted to go for a ride in a park and well, of course I needed leggings so I went for some funky ones because I really love how the dots look with the pattern of the 'dress'. As I were at my cousins' these were the most comfy flats I brought with me so this was the natural choice. Do they match with the mint bag? Well, this is up to you and your own opinion..

And of course I have the worst decor ever, that is so me: when I'm in the mood for shooting (notice my big smile-well,I'll just bragging haha) I can't find a photographer or scenery. Ioana literally took these photos 4 minutes before I headed for the park, just a couple houses away from hers, hence the cars and background.

Now, if you're still with me, let's get back to the title: Lately I've been having these wild ideas regarding the blog but as school is approaching it I clearly don't have enough time. I would like to start a new column I've been working at for a while, 'Fashion Cliche' and also a post:  '10 things I miss about Florence'. Also, how would you feel about me reestablishing the 'Monday Muse' and/or 'Fancy Friday' sections? I really need your help this time, I'm just trying to make this little virtual corner more engaging and pleasant for you!

Mango dress, Zara leggings, Fossil watch,  Bata Flats, Orsay bag


littledress10 littledress6 white

littledress2 littledress7 littledress12 littledress4 littledress11 littledress

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16 comentarii

  1. Love your bag!!!!!!!! ur very pretty! :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Clarks + Mom's B'day

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  2. Your cute. I love that mint bag.


  3. you ae so retty,
    and i love your bag!!


  4. Looks so cute :D


  5. Would love it if you brought back Fancy Friday. Love your leggings! x

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me, following you now on GFC! Please follow back and Let’s stay connected! Have an amazing week!

  7. adorable! i love your bag :)


  8. i love how you have styled this outfit for a bikeride! and i think the shoes and bag go together :) i never really like things that matched :)

  9. Lovely, that's the perfect world to descrive you in that feminine outfit, Mary!

    ¡Espero que estén teniendo una semana maravillosa!

    Pásate por mi sitio, ¡hay un nuevo post!
    Grandes abrazos!


  10. I like your bag. Don't be pressured. Will share what my friend told me. Live, then blog. Not live to blog.

  11. love the polka dot leggings and those adorable flats <3 this is a perfect and simple outfit! love it <3

    Alexa <3

  12. thank you for your lovely comment!! ♥
    follow you with GFC!!


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