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treat yoself

treat yoself by marymanaila 

♪ Voices in my head/Stick to the plan - Big Sean ♪

It's finally Friday, so I'm going to enjoy it as long as it lasts! I thought I should give you a reason to enjoy it too, with all these beautiful dresses that I discovered. I truly wanted to find some fun, easy to wear, hot dresses and I'm obsessed! Let's take the first one, you have to check out the details for yourself. The red embroidery made me fall in love instantly. The second one is about my romantic side- pastels and ruffles all the way, but still super cool for a night out. The black one emphasizes my love for sequins, and it actually has a open back, which has been my constant choice for the last two years, so bonus points for that! Now, the crop top& skirt white ensemble is just one example of the genius sexy white party dresses you can find on StyleWe. I told you last week how much I love the crop top/skirt & lace combination, to all my friends reading this, my birthday is coming up in August *wink wink*.

I don't know about you, but all my childhood was about dressing up my dolls in unique ways. When I turned 9 I found all these cool internet games, and I started dressing up different celebrities (fyi up until that age I only knew Angelina Jolie and maybe Leonardo Dicaprio haha). There are times when I just see a dress and I instanly think of a famous person who should wear it. And this happened to me while visiting this site. I fell in love with a beautiful royal blue party dress (photo after the break) but I knew it in my heart that: A. it wouldn't look right on me & B. this dress screams Selena Gomez! With the assymetrical cut and that draped shoulder- you see it too, right? It's so fabulous and chic! I also thought of Emma Stone when I saw the dress on the right(2nd collage) because ever since she's starred in La La Land I feel like she's going in a mature style direction, and I love that about her! And last but not least, what's a better choice for a royal blue dress than an actual ROYAL? When I saw the beautiful lace & the waist details I thought of Duchess of Cambridge, although I'll admit I would wear this dress myself to a cocktail party at a medical congress.

I hope you'll enjoy your weekend and I do have one more tip: StyleWe has awesome
rompers for sale right now, that one with hot pink bottom really stole my heart!

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  1. These collages are all so beautiful! Everything looks great. Fashion is definitely a great way to get inspired. Have a wonderful weekend!


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