Fancy Friday: Emma Stone

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I know that by now all you probably read about how Emma's Givenchy Haute Couture dress took 1700 hours to create, how she radiantly accepted the award from my favorite actor(Leo) and you have your own personal opinion about the dress. I personally loved it not  just because I love everything Givenchy, but because it represented both "La La Land" and the golden statue she received.

I wanted to make Emma the "Fancy Friday" star this week because I changed the design of my blog and I had such nostalgia that I read many of my old posts. And guess what I found, written by me in 2012:

" I have just decided on my favourite actress! I have seen her in many movies (comedies mostly) but after the 'The Help' where she is in the posture of a deep and independent character I have to say it's Emma Stone! Not only her acting and looks are incredible, but have you seen her style evolution?"

5 years later and Emma has her very own Oscar, and I believed she would get it from day one, so I'm so proud of her achievement and her iconic choice of outfit! I'll leave you to an incredible sketch I found on Tumblr, made by a fan and this awesome Glamour article where you can see how smart and funny she is (if you didn't know already!)

Congratulations, Emma! xx

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