Fancy Friday: Words of Wisdom

by - 23:08

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  1. I actually have never looked at it that way! Maybe I should. Gorgeous image and I adore this motivational and inspirational quote.


  2. i agree! it such a good saying that one, and that photo is very pretty :)

    xx love from London

  3. Agree with that. :)
    Stunning picture.

  4. These words give the confidence - and it is in our defetsite x)
    well, if that were true every day, and not just a nice quote pages on social networks)

  5. very well said... i agree!

  6. i love the pic and the quote is really wise!!! xoxo

  7. fine words that reign so true. This will definitely make me think before I make another comment of envy again. This quote really realizes how cyclical jealousy is. gorgeous image.


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